Friday, July 27, 2012

MAC Brush Cleanser Review and Usage

Hi Girls,

The weekend is here, yippeeeeeeee!!! I know it's a bit kiddish but I can't let myself restrain from screming and shouting each time the weekend is here!!! Actually for me it means spending the whole day with my cute little baby :), so all my weekends are so special!!!

So, today I am reviewing a very important product in my makeup stash, which I have never reviewed before, it's my brush cleanser :) from MAC :)

Price: INR 600 for 235 ml of the product. The product is encased in a big plastic bottle with a press and release opening allowing you to control the amount of product you pour out.

Ingredients: water, alcohol denat., sodium trideceth sulfate, disodium lauroamphodiacetate, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hexylene glycol, cetrimonium chloride, triclosan, isopropyl alcohol, blue 1, red 33.

It's a God-sent product for me, who is pretty lazy to clean her brushes, even though I am super concious about my skin and break outs, still mostly I am time-pressed to do any brush cleaning, but with this all it takes is a few minutes and I am sorted :). Will show you the usage in a while. 

The product is almost transparent liquid like water with no smell whatsoever, maybe a little alcoholic smell. And the MUA said that it would cleanse and disinfect my brushes in one go. You require a very small quantity of the product to clean your brush and lo and behold, they are squeaky clean.  It is not heavily absorbed by the brush and the brush is dry in a matter of minutes. So, how do I use it, I use it when I am removing my makeup at the end of the day as I don't want to end up with damp brushes and am usually hard-pressed for time :). For my daily use brushes (only my blush brush), I am using this every weekend, yeah I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning brushes.

Ok, so let's see my way of using it, first all my dirty brushes. Some non-branded, some MAC and some Inglot:

You will require a small bowl to pour out the cleanser and a clean tissue paper. I have some cleanser poured out into the bowl, but since it is almost transparent you cannot see it :)

Next, pour out a little amount of the brush cleanser in the bowl and start dipping your brush in it to clean, notice how the foundation is being removed:

After a few more seconds in the cleanser, you can swirl your brush in the bowl for optimum cleansing, keep doing this till you see clear fluid coming out of your brush upon gentle squeezing:

Wipe excess product from your brush on a clean tissue, reshape your brush and lay flat on the tissue paper to dry (see how clean and shiny the bristles look):

My cleansed brushes, notice only the big brush still being wet and not fluffy yet, that's cause it's not dry yet, will dry soon :)

Product rating: A+, available at all MAC counters. Highly recommended for everyone who are a little lazy in cleaning brushes, and what's more along with saving loads of time it disinfects your brushes and leaves them dry in a few minutes time :). Would purchase always and always :)

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  1. Sounds awesome Kumkum...I've read real good reviews about it..and your review justifies them all..would love to get a hold on this whenever I go to MAC store next!! :)

    1. Do try this Cali, you will definitely love it, though a bit expensive, good for my lazy bum :)


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