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Friday, January 13, 2012

LipGlosses: A little (but never) too many

Hey there, good morning!!!

I am starting off today on a bright, sparkly and colorful note. It's bright and sunny here but windy too.

I have shown all you a glimpse of my makeup stash. In a series of posts, I would be breaking down my makeup stash and do individual posts on makeup products for face, lips, nails... (you get the flow), which I currently own. Also, at the end of each post I would be sharing my wishlist in each category for the current year.

Let's begin. Today's post displays my lip glosses with their swatches. Below you can see a picture of the lip glosses I currently own and use.

From left to right: Inglot lip duo (#26), MAC Creamsheen lipgloss (Geo Pink), Loreal GlamShine 6 hr (my hubby got this from japan, so don't know the shade number, but it's a beautiful pink-red colored gloss), Integrate Lipglosses ( one pink, other peach; again from Japan, read my review here)