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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giovanni Frizz be Gone Hair Serum Swatch, Review

Hello Ladies,

My festive spirit seems to be dampened a bit by the onslaught of cold / flu. I think it's all because of this Fog/ Smog happening here. I so wish the sun would rise and shine. 

A little background story before reviewing the Serum. My hair have been poker straight and shiny since time immemorial. Also I have really oily roots, so much so that I wash my hair every alternate day. Only recently, I have started noticing my hair ends becoming frizzy. Conditioners are not helping either as they make my hair greasy within a day. So, I was thinking of trying out a hair serum but was skeptical about leaving chemicals on my hair. Then while browsing online, I spotted this hair serum and bought it on impulse.