Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aloe Veda Avocado Face Cleanser Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying your day, Thursdays are days of hope for me as they signify just another day at work. even though I love my work, still the charm of weekends cannot be done away with :)

On one of my recent purchases, I decided to try out a few more products from Aloe Veda, and since my face wash was running out, I decided to pick one from them. I decided on Avocado Face Cleanser with Wild Rose. Read on to know about my thoughts and experiences with this product.

Price: INR 85 for 100 ml of the product. Packaging is pretty decent with the product placed in a plastic bottle with flip cap.

Ingredient list:

I first point of discontent with this product started even before I started using this product. Though Aloe Veda is a natural brand, the first product in the list was a big put off. It has SLES, next it has dimethicones. I can't imagine how they claim to be a natural product company when they are using ingredients which are harmful not only the nature but even our skin. I know many people whoo are allergic to silicones and this product would be a strict no-no for them.
Sorry guys, don't have a product swatch. But nonetheless, the product has a thick liquid-like consistency, even though it is thick it is not like a gel. The product foams up pretty decently and cleanses up my face well. It doesn't over dry my face, I guess it is due to the presence of dimethicones (not sure). I am using this product still cause I have used many products in the past with SLES and methicones, but as far as this is concerned, I am sceptic cause I though they were a herbal / natural brand and they are using chemicals. Though they have not hidden the fact and made the consumer aware by disclosing the full ingredient list and not just the key ingredients.

Product rating: B, available at most online shopping websites. would recommend this to people not allergic to using SLES and dimethicone containing products. I would advice everyone to check the ingredient list before buying the product as it may turn out to be the other way round as in this case.

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  1. was eying this product for long.. thanks for the review... i will surely give this a miss though as i only prefer soap free face washes... :)

  2. We have now launched 2 variants of sulphate & dimethicone free face wash. One contains turmeric paste & the other contains cucumber & basil extracts.

    You can visit for details on these products - Aloe Veda Team.

    1. thanks team Aloe Veda, would love to try out SLS free face washes :)


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