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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mothercare Baby Lotion Review

Hello ladies,

After a long, long time I am doing a baby product review here. It is one of my favorite products since I entered motherhood. This was again one of the gifts I received after my baby was born. The product is Mothercare Baby Lotion.

Monday, January 23, 2012

MotherCare feeding bottles: A boon for working mothers

Hello beautiful ladies,

The weekend is here, tomorrow is my anniversary (sixth to be precise) and the second one with the baby around. Now at 17 months, he is learning things everyday and enjoying life to the hilt. Seeing him explore the world around him has encouraged me to do the same.

Everyone of you must remember the one habit (for me it was an annoying habit, not any more), which each mom possesses: feeding the child (sometimes forcefully). Actually, once you are a mom you don't realize that it is not force feeding, it is just that a mom cannot live with the thought that her child is hungry. You just constantly seem to worry about, comes naturally once you are a mom, I guess.

So, the first concern I had when I was about to resume my job, was the same "How will my child have milk once I am gone?" Of course, feeding bottles have been used since ages but then again how about sterilization? Maximum infections babies get is due to usage of an unsterilized teat. Moreover, I didn't want to burden my mom-in-law with the bottle sterilization. Already, keeping an infant alone for the whole day is a daunting task. Second concern was that my Pedeatrician was against the bottle, so was my mom, and few other elders, who thought that the baby will leave taking mother's milk once it is fed using a bottle. Both of these concerns were solved in one go at Mothercare.