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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby diapering issues: some tips

Hello there,

Today I am going to share my experiences and thoughts on diapering (yuck!!!). Diapering is one of the major issues with babies (and their parents) till potty training. Being a mom to an active baby, I was faced with various diapering related issues, such as, whether to use diapers, which ones to use, etc.

So, I am penning down my experiences with a few diaper brands available out in the market. With each day, new ones are coming up which I have not used and probably will not be using (so cannot give information on those). I do not claim to an expert on this, but would like to share with all the new mommies my experiences in diapering my son from his initial days -  today.

In the beginning of my motherhood, everyone advised against using diapers on my baby for at least the first 40 days. We did as prescribed by my mom,  my mom-in-law, and other ladies of our senior generation. They say the baby should wear old cloth nappies as the newborn's skin is too soft and would easily rash on excess diapering.