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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Press Release: Nyassa inaugurates a brand new kiosk at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon (East)

Mumbaikars from western suburbs now have a new destination to indulge in their bath and body products fantasies

yassa, a luxurious bath and body products brand, widely famed for its heavenly fragrance and natural products made from rare and exotic ingredients, has recently opened its doors to its customers, with a new kiosk in Oberoi Mall, Goregaon (East). The kiosk has a refurbished look with beautiful interiors and stocks all of the popular Nyassa products along with the new line of premium, exotic, handmade soaps which were launched in the month of May 2013.

July 2013 Vellvette Box

Hello Friends,

Lazy, lazy sunday :). I have a kind of love/hate relationships with sundays, and all because of the Monday blues kicking in since sunday evening itself. Similar analogy may be applied with Vellvette boxes, I have been a subscriber since September last year and the love/hate relationship continues. But with each passing box (or month) I find the relationship moving towards love :). So read on to know the contents of my July 2013 Vellvette box...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Press Note: Nyassa Launches Fresh Collection of Soaps

28 new delightful fragrances in fresh, original packaging 

Nyassa, a premium, natural bath and body product brand has launched its collection of 28 new handmade soaps in a new, innovative packaging, to kiss all kinds of skin troubles goodbye. Giving attention to every detail, Nyassa has meticulously designed this wide, new range of natural handmade soaps to suit every season and skin type and for both men and women. All the soaps contain pure, wholesome ingredients and are as natural as one can get. The newly redefined packaging of these soaps provides all the information on the ingredients of the soap to the bountiful effects it will have on the skin. The exciting range of new soaps is attractively priced at Rs. 200 onwards and is now available in all outlets of Nyassa.

Nyassa believes in pampering the body using the most natural and best ingredients available. Treading this path, the new line of soaps includes delectable fragrances like Alphonso, Café Noir, Good Earth, Mandarin Citrus, Sacred Sandalwood, Southern Spice, Tropical Vetiver and Under the Ocean. Each of these soaps are specially created and are enriched with the goodness of cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed wheat germ oil, grape seed extract, aloevera extract, honey, glycerin and Vitamin E acetate, all of which help the skin to retain its softness and radiance. Besides these ingredients, all the soaps have two more unique ingredients defining the distinctive property for each soap.

Ishween Anand, founder & owner of Nyassa, passionately believes that nature is the only source to find what is best for our body. She says, “All Nyassa soaps are handmade with the divine fragrances from the heavens above and containing the essential goodness of nature. Our tagline which says, ‘From heaven and earth’ aptly conveys this spirit. Every soap has designed by us, with this belief strong in our hearts. We carefully select the most natural ingredients from all over the world to give our customers the best experience. When it comes to our passion for natural bath and body products, innovation scales new heights every time”.