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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Enliven Nail Polish Remover Review

Hello Girls,

How r u doing?? The week has just reached the peak and so have the summers here in north India. It's so hot that you cannot look out of the windows, phew... And the hot winds keep blowing throughout the day and night. I hope it gets better soon but I know it's all wishful thinking. We have to adhere to atleast one more full month of summers before it pares down...

Okay, so am enjoying this eason with loads of water, cool drinks, ice creams and of course all sorts of colorful makeup (read my post on Summer Favourites). 

Coming to the product review of the day, I have Enliven Nail Polish Remover to share with you all. I got this online as I was searching for a nail paint remover and the quantity and price were too good to give this product amiss.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jovees Colour Lock Shampoo Review

Hello beautiful people,

How is the day treating you? For me so far so good... But I am excited to see what all it brings for me :) For all of you though, I am today reviewing one of my current shampoos from Jovees.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Balm Review

Hello Girls,

Yay we are just away from weekend by a single day and then two days of fun, frolic, shopping, and happiness. Is that how all of you perceive weekends or is it just me, do share you thoughts in the comments below.

After this little digression, let's come to the review of this fabulous balm, which could be used all over the body by Figs and Rouge. This was part of my older Vellvette box and I could use it only now and hence the review is so late.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clean & Dry Intimate Wash Review

Hello girls,

Ever since my Oriflame Intimate Wash got over, I was trying to get one which was available in the market and showed up frequently during commercial breaks on TV. So, during my next haul from medplusbeauty I purchased the Clean & Dry Intimate Wash.

Monday, May 6, 2013

MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow: Review & Swatches

Hello everyone,

Happy Monday morning to you all (or should it be afternoon hmmm...). As the summers are here full on I am sson goign to announce a summer favorites giveaway for all my lovely readers. But first let me show you the most used blusher / bronzer as of now. It's a MUA powder mosaic bronzer in shade Sunkissed Glow.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clarins Lip Balm Colour Quenche #17: Review, Swatch

Hello Girls,

I am a little late in asking but will still ask, how was your weekend, mine was super fun and busy. Hosted a lunch at home on Saturday and attended two back-to-back social events, one family, one friends on Sunday. By Monday was super exhausted but had the busiest weekend so far... But right now, I have another current favourite to share with you all. I guess some of you must have read my Post on the Vellvette and Clarins event, which I attended some time ago. And I got this gorgeous lip balm in exchange for my refund money there. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Clarins SPF 40++ Sunscreen Review, Swatch

Hello everyone,

Today I am reviewing a product from the house of Clarins, which was a pat of my Vellvette box but missed the review process closely. The amount was very less and I wanted to use it when the sun was ut fully to do justice with the review.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oriflame Nature Secrets Hand Cream Review, Swatch

Hello girls,

I would be a little irregular with posting this week as I am travelling during most of the week. Will let you know more once I am back. Today, I would be reviewing a fabulous product from the house of Oriflame, which I purchased a long time ago and used throughout winters but couldn't do a timely review for you guys. The product is Oriflame Nature Secrets Hand Cream.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Nourish LemonKneez Body Scrub Review, Swatch

Hello Girls,

The weekend is here and it's time to heal, rejuvenate, and pamper out souls and body, which take a hell lot of beating throughout the week. My weekend ritual includes face and body pampering sessions at home itself 'cause going to the beauty salons / spas is a difficult option for me (I have a kid who demands a little extra time over the weekends).

Body scrubs form an essential part of my weekend pampering sessions. I am always on the lookout for good  sugar body scrubs as they are the best for my skin and the good ones make my skin super super soft. Today, I will be reviewing a new sugar body scrub from Nourish (they also make some lovely soaps) called LemonKneez Body Scrub.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Enliven Coconut and Vanilla Shower Gel Review

Hello Everyone,

Summers are here, summers are here, yay, yay!!! I can't tell you how many times I remind myself of this, the reason is simple I love spring and summers, allows me to do all my favorite things, the most important being able to wear colorful clothes and makeup on me, lol. I know many a people would disagree as most of the North Indians love winters. Second thing I love is ice creams and third all the cooling drinks in the world. My favorite ones being fresh Cocunut water and Virgin Pina Colada.

Reminds one of sandy beaches, coconut trees, and the lovely water sports. Now, you must be wondering, where I am wandering too. Is this a post on vacations anyone?? Nah, I am thinking about all these while I take a shower with the lovely Enliven Coconut and Vanilla Shower Gel every morning these days.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Aroma Magic GrapeFruit Face Wash Review

Hello Girls,

As the countdown begins for holi at home with the guests pouring in and some mithai making (especially the lovely gujiyas, which I so much love) and the spring fever which is in the air, I am now feel awake after the gloomy wintery days are over. So, let's begin this week on a fresh note with a new review on Aroma Magic GrapeFruit Face Wash. New packaging and two new facewash exotic sounding facewashes from the stables of Aroma Magic. I have always loved the products from this brand, so when I received this face wash as a gift I was overjoyed to see the exotic packaging and a new face wash from them.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Benefit Porefessional Swatch, Review

Hello Girls,

Hope you like the new look of Mumma's Beauty World. everything else remains the same though from the email address and the website links. So, today I will be reviewing this awesome product which was a part of my January box, actually, just had three small samples, but they got me raving about this product so much :)

From the title itself, you would have guessed Benefit Porefessional, one of the most raved about makeup primers in the whole world with a huge cult following. I have actually wanted to test small samples, before buying it to know what is the whole hullabo about. And to be frank, I am one of the members of it's cult now!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Disco Ball Nail Enamel Swatch, Review

Hello Girls,

Finally the weather is a little warmer and the days a little longer, so I hope I would be as regular with blogging as I was in the past and also stay tuned for a Giveaway in a few days time. Ok, so on with today’s review.
After a long, long time I am posting a nail paint and that to on a Wednesday, which I am super liking. Wednesdays used to be my NOTW days and I am trying to rekindle the trend. So, today I am showing you all a beautiful glitter nail paint from Rimmel London (yippee!! I finally have a glitter nail paint).

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Revlon Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Review, Swatch

Hello Girls,
Today I am reviewing for you a new makeup remover from Revlon. I had used a couple of biphasic removers from H2O+ and Lakme but then saw this one on Medplusbeauty and decided to purchase it as it looked cream based.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Just Herbs Fair'e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel Review

Hello Friends,
It is Friday today but I am not too excited… The reason being tomorrow is gonna be a working day for me, sigh!!! But on a positive side I will get an extra chutti and also a chance to flaunt some more casual wear in office. So, let’s welcome the springy Saturday tomorrow with loads of fun J. Actually I have been so used to 5 working days week that it is just so tough for me to inspire myself to come on a weekday. What about you girls, do you prefer 5 day or 6 day working week?

Today, I have another nice product to share with you, which was again a recent purchase. It’s from Just Herbs and is called Fair’e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel. Now for the story behind this purchase, I was looking for a good night cream but since the weather is turning warm, I decided to opt for a gel based product. So, I was looking for gel based night creams, but couldn’t find many within my budget. Finally, I located this gel based cream but couldn’t decide if it was night cream or day cream. Then I read the usage instructions and found that the instructions advised non-exposure to sun after application. It clicked instantly that I should use it as a night cream, so there I was purchasing this gel on pure whim and fancy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rimmel London WaterProof Eye Definer in Wine Plum Review, Swatch

Hello everyone,
Today I am sharing with you all, one of my recent impulse buys. I had wanted to try a glitter nail paint for long and when found Rimmel on Slassy couldn’t wait to buy it. But generally as it is with me, I hate paying shipping charges. So, I browsed some more and within minutes decided to pick this eyeliner from Rimmel in the shade Wine Plum.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Jovees Under Eye Gel Review, Swatch

Hello Girls,

Today is Monday, one of my least favorite days of the week, but yet life comes a full circle for me everytime it is Monday (ha, ha, ha!!) I am in a retrospective mood today it seems and the product I have chosen to review reflects similar thoughts for me atleast.

Today, I am reviewing Jovees 24 Carat Eye Contour Gel. I have been using a lot of Jovees products in the past, and since I liked them all I went ahead and got this one as well. I got it during my earlier hauls but got a chance to use it since the last 15 days and am sharing my review with you all.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soulflower Baby My Skin Soap Review

Hello Girls,

Yay we are just a day away from weekend madness, which is all set to begin soon. I have a close family wedding to attend next week and I am hoping that I would be able to post some LOTDs then. Am always excited about weddings 'cause I simply love the chance to dress up :)

So today, I am reviewing a good soap from SoulFlower, which has become my favorite brands ‘cause they make some really awesome soaps. This is my fourth I think J. This one is for facial skin specifically but as it is winters and it has all the lovely ingredients, I use it for bathing as well.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nuby Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash Review

Hey everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the start of the week!!! The weather has improved a lot over the weekend, and I am so much awaiting the spring to fully take over so that I can start wearing my spring colors all over again.

Today, I am reviewing a baby product which was agin a recent purchase, it's from Nuby and I love it so much that I had to share with all of you :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

SOS Organics Orange Spice Body Scrub Review

Hello everyone,

So weekend are for me pampering sessions, when I try and rejuvenate myself after a week of hectic activity. Body scrubbing forms a part of that session, which is a must do for me apart from my normal facial skin pampering with scrubs and packs.

I got this one during a recent healthkart haul I shared with you guys (read HERE). I didn't have much expectation to start with this product but since it boasted of natural ingredients, I decided to give it a try.