Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Lunch with Friends at Barbeque Nation, Gurgaon

Hiya girls,

My first ever restaurant review!! Never thought I could do one, do let me know about my attempt and whether you would like to see this feature added to Mumma's World!

So, Barbeque Nation is a family restaurant located in Sushant Lok, gurgaon. I have been there a few times earlier as well but never ever thought of reviewing it (I seriously don't know why??). We went there for a lunch recently to celebrate one of my friend's birthday.

It's concept is pretty unique and you would generally find it crowded day in and out (better to make reservations in advance). It has a buffet lunch and dinner on all days of the week, which is pretty reasonably priced at INR 425+ taxes (for vegetarians) and I think a tad bit more expensive for non-vegetarians (INR 475 / 500 + taxes).

So, the name Barbeque Nation (does it suggest something to you), let me show you, on each table they lay down a burning / smouldering coal ambers in a steel cage and place your kebabs / starters (if you like) on them. So, it's like they are cooking or keeping hot in front of your eyes. What you see is achaari aloo, grilled vegetables, and spicy mushrooms (I made up the last name :)). From these choices, you can easily guess that I am a vegetarian. Another unique concept they have is that to ease serving and avoid mistakes in starter serving, they offer green plates to vegetarians and brown plates to non-vegetarians.

Paneer tikka & Vegetable cutlet:

The grill with skewers and kebabs:

That's not all they serve at least 3 starters which are prepared in the kitchen and served to you, we had vegetable kebab, paneer tikka, and caramalized potato (again made up the last one).

That's not all they serve a sweet bread in between. And if this is not enough for you all the starters are unlimited, you can ask for as many servings as you want. 

The yummy potatoes:

The sweet bread:

Also, you get a free drink of your choice with the meal. We got this lovely looking drinks, which were actually mixture of Sprite with some differently colored syrups (yeah I know).

Once you have had your fill of starters you are supposed to tilt a flag present on your table, which would indicate the stoppage of starter service and you can move on to the main course.

Let's see some pics of the main course served below:

It comprises of soups, assorted breads, salads, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options, which include Indian, Chinese, and Italian dishes.

This is what I got from the main course panner makhni  and vegetable biryani, pasta in white sauce, Hakka noodles, and some salad.

Moving on to desserts next (yes there were desserts as well again having vegeatrian and non-vegetarian options), see the pic below:

I opted for Gulab Jamun with ice cream, blueberry souffle, and cham-cham. There was phirni and fresh fruits as well but I refused to try that as my stomach was already full :). Some non-vegeatrian options included a butterscotch pastry and a cake.

All in all a very reasonably priced option for foodies, do check it out if you are in NCR and otherwise as they have around 20 branches all over India and expanding.

In the end, I would like to mention the hospitability of the staff, who took great care of you and were diligent enough to respond to our queries and requests. They always make me feel at home even if you don't tip!! I would rate this resataurant highly and would recommend it all of you. Do try it and you will actually enjoy the relaxed ambiance along with some great service and awesome food. 

Exceptionally good service with awesome food makes Barbeque Nation stand out as a truly amazing restaurant.

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  1. We always plan to visit this restaurant but somehow it never materializes ... but now as I have seen these pics and red review I am soo going to eat there coming weekend :D

    1. yay Shalini, do go there it's a different experience but I think the buffet is a bit more expensive on the weekends :)

  2. barbeque nation in mumbai too is a must try restaurant.. went there for an office lunch and all things are yummy.. :)

  3. I too loved this place Kumkum,,went on a date over there few months back and I really enjoyed it :)
    Loved the main course and of course the grill!! :)

    1. yipee, i guess it is a fav with so many of us :)


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