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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fa Roll-On Deo Carribean Lemon Review

Hi Friends,
Hope you are enjoying your day!
I am on the other hand eagerly waiting for the monsoon to strike Delhi, the heat has become sweltering hot and unbearable too. The only thing which I can’t miss these days s my cooling toner, which I am spraying on my skin numerous times a day and my Deo.
This review is on my current favorite Deo from Fa. It’s a roll-on deo in scent ‘Carribean Lemon’. I have been using this since a month and it’s time it featured on my blog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fa Deo Aqua review

Hey beauties,

How is your day coming along?? Mine is actually pretty hectic, with my MIL hospitalized for vaginal prolapse, the frequent visits between home and hospital is making it a little tiring. But, another benefit is that I am getting to spend some quality time with my child, which I am thoroughly enjoying, and last but not the least, am trying to stay in touch with all you guys through blogging, it's a great stress buster.

Coming to the product which I am reviewing today, it's a current favorite of mine, the Fa Deo (Aqua). Actually I have been using Fa deos since long, but I have my wandering ways which don't allow me to stick to a brand for long. So, I drifted to other brands, this is one fragrance which I had never tried before and since my Garnier Deo was coming to an end, I ordered this online from MedPlusbeauty.