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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lunch with Friends at Barrique, Gurgaon

Hello Friends,

How are you doing today? Recently it was one of my best friends birthday and we decided to go to Barrique, Gurgaon, which serves a mix of cuisines, from Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Indian, etc...

I am showing off all the good food and drinks we gobbled in that single meal, hope you are not feeling hungry by the time I am through. We started off with lovely mocktails (sorry, I don't remember all the names)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner at Pirates of Grill, Gurgaon

Hello ladies,

Recently I chanced upon visiting Pirates of Grill in Gurgaon. I had been hearing a lot of good reviews about this place and how it was better than Barbeque Nation (or a replica of the same) that I had to try it. The pictures are a little blurred as it was night and these are from my cell phone.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: Rajdhani

Hello Ladies,

Today there are celebrations at the Office :). I love that everyone is in ethnic wear and looking their festive best. I have worn a suit today, hope to share some pics by tomorrow.

Even before, celebrations started at home and around the nation, my group of friends decided to have a Diwali Lunch, by no means a potluck, we decided to go out. The place we chose was Rajdhani. some of you might have heard about it and some of you might not have.

Rajdhani has an interesting concept, basically they serve unlimited Gujrati thalis. .Most of you would have heard about Chowki Dhani, but this is a gujrati version of the same. Feast your eyes on the thali below:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Lunch with Friends at Barbeque Nation, Gurgaon

Hiya girls,

My first ever restaurant review!! Never thought I could do one, do let me know about my attempt and whether you would like to see this feature added to Mumma's World!

So, Barbeque Nation is a family restaurant located in Sushant Lok, gurgaon. I have been there a few times earlier as well but never ever thought of reviewing it (I seriously don't know why??). We went there for a lunch recently to celebrate one of my friend's birthday.

It's concept is pretty unique and you would generally find it crowded day in and out (better to make reservations in advance). It has a buffet lunch and dinner on all days of the week, which is pretty reasonably priced at INR 425+ taxes (for vegetarians) and I think a tad bit more expensive for non-vegetarians (INR 475 / 500 + taxes).

So, the name Barbeque Nation (does it suggest something to you), let me show you, on each table they lay down a burning / smouldering coal ambers in a steel cage and place your kebabs / starters (if you like) on them. So, it's like they are cooking or keeping hot in front of your eyes. What you see is achaari aloo, grilled vegetables, and spicy mushrooms (I made up the last name :)). From these choices, you can easily guess that I am a vegetarian. Another unique concept they have is that to ease serving and avoid mistakes in starter serving, they offer green plates to vegetarians and brown plates to non-vegetarians.