Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My MedPlusBeauty Haul

Hi there,

A few of my things were getting over, so I hauled for them online, this time from a site called MedPlusBeauty. They have an awesome collection of makeup and wellness brands as well as some high end makeup brands like Make Up For Ever (MUFE).

So, this is what I got, everything came securely wrapped in bubble wraps and reached safely. Also, the expiry dates are pretty far showing that they dont send you products which are going to be expired soon. All in all a fantastic shopping experience. another thing was that even though they ship from Hyderabad, the product reached within 5 days as promised on their website.

Bare Foot Lavender and Mint Foot Cream

Lakme Nine-to-Five Dual Action Makeup Remover (Lakem has recently launched a biphasic remover as a part of lakme Absolut Collection, will buy that next)

LipIce blueberry LipBalm

First impressions of these product are pretty good, will review them in detail soon. Have you guys shopped from MedPlusBeauty???

Take care...


  1. please review the foot cream first..

  2. lipice in bluberry... it looks tempting :)

    1. yeah the first impressions are pretty good :)

  3. Hi Kumkum - glad to hear you had a good experience with them. I did too for my first haul from their site but second time around they sent me a product which is going to expire early next year and the size of the product is good enough to actually last atleast 2 years!
    Also I feel other sites like VioletBag and StyleCraze offer faster shipping - violetbag (if requested) will send you products in 3 days max - so I usually order on friday evening and monday evening I have my products :)
    I'd like to see the foot cream review - am trying out several foot creams these days :D

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    1. oh sadly the experience was not good for you :(, let's see how it happens when i order the next time around :). Violetbag is actually pretty good and I seem to order more often from them.
      Will definitely review the foot cream soon once the testing is over :)


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