Friday, March 16, 2012

Maybelline Vivid and Smooth EyeLiner Bordeaux Pearl review, swatch, EOTD

Hey you lovely people out there, I am reviewing today an eye product, which is quiet popular amongst all of us, the brand is Maybelline and the product is Vivid and Smooth eyeliner in Bordeaux Pearl.

Price: INR 200 for 1.2 gm of the product, I got this as a gift from my friend (shown here). Packaging is quiet decent with the end of the pencil showing the color of the eye pencil, with a see through plastic cap. The pencil is a sharpenable one.

Ingredient list: not provided


This is how the product looks on my eyes:

My experience has been quiet mixed with this eye pencil, though the texture of the pencil is quiet good, and the swatch with single swipe on my hand comes pretty decent, but the pigmentation, which you are seeing on my eyelids is after 4 swipes. Not quiet visible right!!! Though the color doesn't make my eyes look swollen but a little more pigmentation would have been nice and would require lesser effort.

Product rating: B, available at all Maybelline counters and e-shopping makeup websites. Might be a good purchase for people looking for a different shade of eyeliner, probably other shades may be more pigmented, so please try in store before purchasing.

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