Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shahnaz Hussain ShaHenna Shampoo review

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Hope all of you are having a blast!! Life is just so unpredictable, and that is what makes it all the more endearing and exciting. Maintaining your peace of mind is quiet a challenge under some circumstances, but it is a lot more easy if you have your priorities defined.

Okay, enough of philosophical gyan for today, and coming to the product under review. The product is Shahnaz Hussain ShaHenna Shampoo, which I purchased during a chotu haul form MedPlusbeauty recently. About the site, I would say I am impressed with the discounts they are offering, which are bigger compared to other e-shopping websites, they stock a huge number of brands, which is greater compared to its competitors, and last but not the least, they have  a quick and hassle free delivery system.

Coming to the product, since my biotique henna leaf shampoo was coming to an end (shown here), I was on the lookout for a shampoo to replace it with, nothing out of the ordinary and not because the henna leaf is not a good shampoo, it is just an old practice of mine to use a different shampoo between bottles. So, got this from Medplusbeauty, this shampoo contains extracts of henna as per the ingredient list.

Price: INR500 for 250 ml of the product (I got this at a discounted price of INR 425 from medplusbeauty). Packaging is quiet nice with an opaque bottle having a golden screw cap, though the packaging looks quiet classy but it doesn't help in showing the amount of product left for use.

The dispenser:

Ingredient list:


My experience has been quiet good with this shampoo, it does not dry my hair yet cleanses it oh so gently. From the swatch you can see that the shampoo is light brownish in color and the consistency is neither to flowly nor too thick, just right and spreads easily over your scalp and hair. Also, smells heavenly like pure henna, i.e. only if you like the smell of henna. Though the shampoo doesn't lather much, and I thought won't remove oil from my scalp, something in my head told me not to wash my hair again. I followed my head and didn't wash my hair again and didn't condition it and ... lo and behold, my hair were clean, soft, hydrated and didn't tangle. Also, it didn't cause excessive hair fall and has tinted my hair a little bit which I quiet like. Though, the shampoo does not claim and does not cover greys, it would be a good bet for people coloring their hair on a regular basis.

Product rating: A-, available at most chemist shops, Shahnaz Hussain parlours, and e-shopping websites. Would recommend this to all oily haired beauties like me who are always on the lookout for a decent non drying shampoo for their hair.

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  1. this looks like a nice product for those who are in a lookout for mild shampoos..but i have this weird thing..i don't like shampoos which don't lather :| actually i love to play with the bubbles at shower :P ;)

    1. the shampoo is nice and lathers but not like the average bubbly ones, which strip the hair of all hydration. The bubbles are mild and you feel that hair is cleaner and shiner than before.


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