Thursday, March 15, 2012

TBS Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel Review

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How are you guys doing? It seems as if the winters are refusing to go away this year in the north of India. I am particularly enjoying this time of the year, without any dryness. All thanks to the wonderful TBS Spiced vanilla range. Today I am going to review a body wash from this range (also shown here).

Price: INR 275 for 60 ml of the product (I got it on a discount of 30% at INR 192.50). the packaging is standard TBS flip top packaging, which is quiet sturdy and useful during travel.

The dispenser:

Ingredient list:


As you can see from the swatch above, the shower gel is more of a shower cream consistency than a gel consistency. Though looks like a cream or lotion, it lathers up quiet well and a small quantity is required every time. Also, it's superbly moisturizing and even if I skip moisturization , it keeps my skin decently hydrated throughout the day. Last but not the least, love, love, love the fragrance, which just makes me forget everything and calms my senses and reminds me of the warmth and goodness of a rich and creamy cake. The only problems are that it's a limited edition product and retails at a higher price than the regular TBS body washes.

Product rating: A-, available at all TBS stores during the Christmas season, but you may catch it sometime later as well, during the sales. Would recommend this to everyone during winters as it is wonderfully calming for the senses and hydrates the skin pretty well.

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