Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cracking like crazy with INGLOT Crazy Nails 216 and a quick NOTD

Hello People,

What a bright day today (at least I would like to think so). So, with all the SALES happening around, went to mall, and bought some necessary stuff.

But, what I splurged (that's what colleagues say) on was INGLOT's crazy nails nail enamel. At a cool INR 750 each (15 ml bottle), these comes in seven captivating shades, I got # 216 (it's white colored cracking nail enamel).

Ingredient list:

I just love this nail paint. The texture is smooth, glides easily, application brush is good, doesn't dry too fast and therefore gives you ease of application, and last but not the least gives an amazing crack pattern. Just one coat gave me awesome crack pattern on my nails.

Here's an NOTD I did today, using Inglot #216 with lakme color crush #2 (an inky blue color). Below is a pic of nail paints used for this NOTD.

Here comes my NOTD, everyone luved it (hubby, mom-in-laws, colleagues...).

So, what are you waiting for, go crazy girlzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!

Take care...

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