Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking for soft hands and cuticles in winters? Jergens Hand and cuticle cream may be your best (drugstore) bet

What are the 5 things I don't leave your home without daily: peppermints, wallet, cell phone, MAC lipglass, and Jergen's hand and cuticle cream.

The last one has been the latest to join the bandwagon, replacing easily my sunglasses this season (not that we have not been getting enough sun!!!). So, how did this happen??? I was never an ardent user of hand creams ever, but just as luck would have it, after crossing 20s, I have started observing my skin to be a bit drier especially hands, another reason could be diaper change (requiring frequent hand wash and causing dry skin on fingertips).

Thus, before the winters came, I was on the lookout for a nice drugstore brand, as I didn't want to spend a bomb on these fancy things (as I used to think earlier). But now, I am a total convert and would be purchasing these things for the rest of my life.

Price: I got this for INR 199 for 100 ml of the product. But might be available online for lesser.

So, when I went grocery shopping about two months back, my eyes fell on this brand (seen it on some online sites also now), so I went ahead and got this, without much ado.

It has a regular flip cap packaging, and you have to squeeze the tube to dispense the product on your hands.

I was skeptical before using this, but I was in for a surprise, it is a very good hand cream which has not only softened my hands and cuticles, but its effect stays for a long time (something like 5 hours), even after washing hands. But, I do apply it every time, as I have gotten a liking to the texture, mild fragrance, and most importantly the effect of this on my hands.

Texture wise the cream is very light, but gets absorbed quickly in a minute or so, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your hands (see pics below).


After rubbing for less than a minute:

Personally, I would say this a great budget / department store buy, product rating : A. Would definitely be trying out the high end brand hand creams (the highly raved L'occitane hand creams) as I am a convert now.

I would definitely love to know about your 5 must have things, without which you don't leave home.

Take care...

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