Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almond burfi

Hello people,

Being a working mommy takes its toll on you, but teaches you alot of things. From my experience, I would say it has taught me time management and some very quick, easy to make, or 5 minute recipes, one of which I would be sharing with you today. There would be more such recipes in the coming days, hope you guys like this and cook this for your near and dear ones. This is my baby's favorite sweet as well.


100 gm almonds or badam
100 gm sugar powder
half cup fresh cream or malai

That's it lets begin cooking.

1. In your food processor grind these almonds to a fine powder. This powder can be used for other purposes also (like you can mix it in your daily cup of milk, very good in winters, add 1 tsp it to curries for thickening and improving texture and taste of your curry etc.)

2. Now in a thick bottomed pan, take this mixture and lightly roast it.

3. Add powdered sugar on low flame, stirring continuously.

4. Cook for 5 minutes with continuous stirring till all the sugar has melted

5. Add half cup of cream at this stage to the above mixture and remove it from the flame.

6. In a greased tray, pour the mixture and with your spatula, evenly spread it.

7. Once cooled a little bit, cut  into whichever shape you prefer, I have cut them in rhombus shape.

Your almond burfi is ready to be eaten...

Do try this and I would love to know, how it turned out!!!

Take care...


  1. Hi Kumkum,

    I tried it with almond butter (just like peanut butter) and dried grated coconut. It was great! Though, I am sure, the original recipe would have been better.

    1. Hi Subhasree, how are you doing? Cool girl, you always think of good innovations.


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