Thursday, November 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: Rajdhani

Hello Ladies,

Today there are celebrations at the Office :). I love that everyone is in ethnic wear and looking their festive best. I have worn a suit today, hope to share some pics by tomorrow.

Even before, celebrations started at home and around the nation, my group of friends decided to have a Diwali Lunch, by no means a potluck, we decided to go out. The place we chose was Rajdhani. some of you might have heard about it and some of you might not have.

Rajdhani has an interesting concept, basically they serve unlimited Gujrati thalis. .Most of you would have heard about Chowki Dhani, but this is a gujrati version of the same. Feast your eyes on the thali below:

You also get unlimited servings of Chach, and indian cooler:

There were three starters in all, a dhokla, a samosa, and an awesome dal dhokli (shown below):

They served 4 different veggies, 2 different kadhis, and 1 dal. In addition, you get freshly cooked breads (again three different types) with loads of ghee on top:

Try some of the khidchi, again loaded with copious amounts of ghee: 

We got to choose from three deserts and decided to take one each for variety, the halwa below was super awesome.

The food was tasty yet very affordable. The thali costs INR 244 + taxes on weekdays and a little more on Weekends. They also have an option for packed thalis. A case in point is the servers who serve the food zealously and make your stomach burst. They feed you or rather spoil you with their food. Do try this place if you haven't done so before.

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  1. i went to Rajdhani at Manisquare mall. Kolkata ! Loved the course totally ! and yes they are very affordable too :)


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