Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner at Pirates of Grill, Gurgaon

Hello ladies,

Recently I chanced upon visiting Pirates of Grill in Gurgaon. I had been hearing a lot of good reviews about this place and how it was better than Barbeque Nation (or a replica of the same) that I had to try it. The pictures are a little blurred as it was night and these are from my cell phone.

The concept and table design is quiet similar but the quality and variety is a little different, especially in the main course.

The starters are served on a hot grill, but they were not very interesting:

Some other starters served during the course, I like the kebab but others were not very nice:

We were really regretting coming here by the time starters were finished but what lifted out spirits was the awesome buffet spread:

Here's a glimpse of all that I got and then I got some more and then some more. Generally vegetarian buffets are uninteresting and don't serve good variety of dishes, but this was an exception. The variety was great and all the dishes were very, very tasty.

My favourite part, DESSERTS...

A closer look:

The desserts were really awesome and had a pleasent mix of eggless cakes as well. This is again a problem faced by me when I dine out as buffets don't have eggless cakes.

Now coming to the price of the buffet, it's 599 + taxes for the weekend dinner (vegetarian) and 399 + taxes for lunch on weekdays, and some more options depending on the day and time of dining. Am definitely looking forward to dining here again but only for the main course, much can't be said about the starters, and please excuse me for not being able to tell all of you about the non-vegetarian fare served.

Have you dined at Pirates of the Grill and how was your experience? Do comment, would love to hear all about it!

Take care...

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