Friday, April 6, 2018

Rustic Art Natural Soap Haul

Hello beauties,

Of late I am becoming more and more concious regarding my choices in daily life and their long term impact on me, my family, my fellow human beings and more importantly my environment/nature/country. Over a period of time, I am realizing that waste generation does take its toll on our ecosystem and the fact that we are only taking things from mother earth and in return giving only trash/pollution. 

Over the past few years I am trying to lessen the usage of plastic in my life (quoted as one of the biggest man made pollutant) and leaning towards more environment friendly products, used by our ancestors, such as stainless steel/glass utensils in kitchen etc. Moreover, I am trying to use the plastic products, whatever I have for the longest time ever and don't throw things out mindlessly.

With this endeavour in mind, I am leaning towards more natural/herbal/organic product usage for my skin care/body care as well. Not only are these products environment friendly, they are good for our body and skin also.

Today, I am sharing with you a recent haul for the upcoming summers. The soaps are from the brand RUSTIC ART. Many of you might have heard about it somewhere while for some, it might be a new brand. The brand is made by Auroville, an institution in Puducherry with which I have a connection from my childhood, becasue of my brother's education being in a Delhi School based/following Shri Aurobindo's principles.

What I love about these soaps

  • they are made from natural ingredients only, 
  • no chemicals/alcohols used in manufacture,
  • no animal testing,
  • vegetarian product,
  • they are available in a variety of scents/varients,
  • they are handmade,
  • the PACKAGING is completely environment friendly.

I love, love, love the packaging of these soaps, completely environment friendly, atleast there are no plastic wrappers. The soap comes wrapped in a colourful cloth with a paper sleeve wrapper describing the ingredients and properties of the soap.

Most of the times when we buy products such as soaps, they come wrapped in plastic foils. I remember my childhood days, when the soaps were packaged in paper wrappers. How and when our sensibilities changed and we became oblivious to the astounding usage of plastic in soap wrapping even from organic renowned brands, such as, FabIndia, Khadi Natural, remains a mystery to me.

The soaps are prices at INR 155 for 100 gms of the product.

Overall, I love the concept of these soaps and wish that other manufacturers also take notice of the damage caused by environment by excessive plastic use and try and shift to more better means for packagaing of soaps/toiletries.

Have you used the Rustic Art soaps? Do share your experiences in the comments section below.

See ya..

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