Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey Girls,

Am super excited to announce today, my first GIVEAWAY!!! Can't believe that this is 150th post on my blog. Time flies away so quickly. Though I had initially planned a 100 post giveaway, it got postponed due to some n number of reasons. Nevertheless, better late than never!! So, the good news is that I am holding my first ever "unsponsored" giveaway for all my readers. A big thank you to all of you for making this blog what it is today, for all your sweet comments, which encourage me to write more and better! Phew, so let's get on with it :)

The most important thing first, the goodies to be won:

Some important points:

1. The giveaway starts from today and would close on Midnight IST, 20th May, 2012, and the winners would be announced on 25th May, 2012.
2. This giveaway is open to Indian Residents residing in India only.
3. The winners would have 48 hours to respond with a valid mailing address once conatcted, otherwise a new winner would be chosen.

Yes, you heard right, winners !!! There would be three winners, all the winners would be chosen by

The first prize winner would take the following:

Revlon Touch and Glow moisturising makeup in Natural Mist, Touch and Glow Moisturizing Powder in Natural Matte, Streetwear Lipcolor in Pink Wood, Revlon nail paints in Caramal crunch and Lavender.

The second prize winner will win a Revlon perfume (Charlie Red) + Konad Stamping Nail Art Starter Kit:

The third prize winner would win a Konad stamping Nail Art Starter Kit:

Now for the ways to enter this giveaway:

1. You have to be an email subscriber of my blog (+1 entry) and a GFC follower (+1 entry), mention your valid email ID, in the comments section below (would be helpful for me just in case you are the winner).

2. You have to follow me on twitter (+1 entry), mention your twitter ID in the comments section below. You can follow me on twitter here.

3. If you are a blog owner, announce this giveaway in your blog sideroll along with a first pic (+15 entries) with a link back to this post. Please mention your blog url in the comments section below.

4. If you don't have a blog, you may increase your chances of winning, by contributing an article to Mumma's world (+5 entries). You can do product reviews, makeup tutorials, recipies, or any D-I-Y project. If it is a product review, please make sure that it has not be reviewed here already, you can use the search option for this. Your post should comply with the rules mentioned here though.

That's it, the rules are pretty simple and straight forward. Please note that the gifts have been chosen and bought by me, for all of you.

So, any one of you blogger or non-blogger can get a maximum of 18 entries (non-bloggers can submit more than one article) and win any of the above goodies.

ALL THE BEST EVERYONE !!! Looking forward to a great participation from all of you :)

Take care..


  1. hey.congrats...!!!! wish ur blog reach great heights....
    Hey......what if I do not have a twitter account!!?? Do I need to create one!!

    1. if you want to earn an extra point, then you can create an account on twitter, otherwise it is not mandatory :)

  2. Hey......I guess there's a typo mistake on this post..
    Bloggers get a maximum of 18 points. Cos link of this post on their blog will earn them 15 points..

  3. Already an email subscriber and a GFC follower.
    Will do an article for ur blog very soon...mailing u right away..

  4. hi kumkum... would love to receive your giveaway.. fab products...
    my email id is
    however i m not a twitter fan :( so i don't have an account there.. but i have fulfilled all other requirements...
    love ya....

    1. i have posted about your giveaway on my blog... is that what you mean by side roll?

    2. hey kumkum... i have finally put your giveaway on my sideroll... actually i am new to blogging and am pretty much unaware of all the techi things here... good that i learned something today...

    3. Yay Supriya, you have earned yourself 17 points already :), all the best :)

  5. Hello Kumkum,

    Congratulations on your 150th post :)

    I am following your blog, through email and GFC.

    This is the link to my blog where your giveaway is displayed on the side roll:

    Lastly, my email id is


  6. wowie..... thanks kumkum....
    fringers crossed!!!.....

  7. plz enter me!
    GFC name: kuheli
    subscription id:
    twitter name: obsessive73
    blog sidebar link:

  8. Congratz :)
    enter me :
    GFC Name : Anamika
    twitter name: chw_honey

  9. e-mail id :
    GFC : Marianne
    Twitter id : @marianneclaudia
    Followed on all three. Enter me :)

  10. Yay! I am an Email subscriber, a GFC follower, a Twitter follower, and last but not the least an post submitter for Mumma's World. Enter me!!! :-)

  11. Congratulations for completing 150 posts!
    Enter me:
    GFC- Uzma Z
    Email id:
    Twitter id: @uzmabbl
    Blog Link:

    Completed all the entries.

  12. Lovely giveaway :) Congratulations on 150 posts, way to go :)
    GFC Name: Life is a fairytale
    Email ID:
    Twitter ID: @NamithaKashyap
    Blog link:

    Hope I win ;)
    Good luck with the give away :)

    Namita <3

  13. You have a great blog.. loved reading ur posts.. congrats and gud luck for all your work :)

    GFC Name: Rekha
    Twitter: @placidstream
    Blog side bar:

  14. kumkum awesome giveaway, congrats on your 150 post :)

    email id :
    twitter : @singhrashmi2806
    GFC name : rashmi singh
    blog :

  15. Congrats!

    Here is my entry

    GFC: shilpa gandotra
    Twitter: shilpagandotra
    Blog side roll:


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