Friday, April 20, 2018

Green Ornabox March 2018

Hello beauties,

Hope you are enjoying summers as much as me. So today I have a different subscription box for you, it's a jewellery box named OrnaBox. Quiet an unusal name, but I think it is made up as a shorter version of "Ornament Box". I had been looking at so many youturbers raving about the box and the jewellery pieces looked amazing too. So, I was intrigued and decided to try the box and share my experiences with you. So read on to know more...

There are three different boxes with 5 jewellery pieces each, Green Box, Blue Box, and Premium Box.

The boxes vary in the price factor and obviously there is a difference in the jewellery you get, not in terms of quality but in terms of daily use versus formal wear versus occasion wear.

The boxes are partially customised i.e. you get to choose 2-3 options per box and the rest of the items are same for everyone.

Green Box: INR 499 + 50(shipping)
Blue Box: INR 799 + free shipping
Premium Box: INR 1499 + free shipping

There is also a box for girls priced at INR 299 with some accessories for the little divas.

The boxes are available as a 1,3,6,12 months subscription plan as well. Currently, there is no website and payment is via bank transfer or paytm. You can contact the owner of OrnaBox via whatsapp or  email or instagram.

Green Box Contents:

I received five pieces in all, two earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring.

A closer look of the jewellery pieces:

The jewellery pieces are nice and not cheap looking or tacky in make. The material used is of not very high quality but neither is very cheap. The earring, necklace and bracelet are of really good quality.

So, I will tell you a little story related to the box when I was ordering for myself. I wanted to get the March OrnaBox for myself and I contacted the owener in February itself. She told me if I pay early I would receive the boxes by first week of March. Then she said she would be busy in a personal function and the deliveries will be delayed.

While I understand that sometimes, personal events are more important and they do get overwhelming at times, but the need of the hour is professionalism. If you are starting a paid service, any service at all, then you simply cannot expect your paying customers to be patient and keep waiting. You need to be keep them engaged or atleast in the know of things.

Finally after loads of reminders I was able to procure all three boxes by the last week of March and hence the delayed post. What put me off the most was that there were no follow ups or any details about shipping dates (which simply kept on shifting ahead) and I was the one doing all the follow up.

The owner maintained that this has happened only for the month of March and that it doesn't happen everytime, but the experience has made me wary and ruined the want of a jewellery box.

Overall, a good box in terms of jewellery, concept, prices, cutomization etc. But the lack of professionalism (even though for a month) needs to be pruned.

Have you tried the OrnaBox subsciption service for jewellery? Do let me know your experience in the comments section below.

See ya...

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