Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sugar Suede Secret Matte LipColor (04 Crepe Coral) Photos, Swtaches

Hello beauties,

Today I have a new lip product for you. I received the Sugar Suede Secret Matte LipColor in Crepe Coral as a part on my monthly fabbag subscription. Most of the Sugar products which I have received are from the fabbag subscription. But I am not complaining at all, after all getting to try new makeup is a hobby of mine. so how did the Sugar Suede Secret Matte LipColor fare for me, read on to find out...

Price: INR 799 for 6 ml of the product.

Quiet sleek and luxurious feeling, almost like you are holding a glass tube. I don't know if it is actually glass, but feels heavy and looks like glass. Personally I quiet like the packaging, better than the Smudge me not lipcolor packaging.

Ingredient list:

The applicator:
A typical doe foot applicator, which is nothing home to write about. The applicator does it's job well of depositing color on your lips.

On my lips: 

The lipcolor is super pigmented, delivers saturated color in single swipe upon application. The product has some drying time of atleast 30 second to a minute and that definitely gives you time to carve out the shape of your lips and apply the color evenly.

The finish of this lip product is really awesome, it feels like nothing on your lips, absolutely nothing and the lips are super comfortable throughout, no stretchy, dry feel at all. And no sticky feel at all.

The lips feel very comfortable and very soft when you purse them together, if you understand what I mean. I personally apply matte lipproducts on moisturized lips as that helps the matte lip colors to glide easily on the lips.

The only drawback I noticed this this lip product is that it transfers. It transfers onto cups, tissue papers and also onto spoons and forks while eating. So after having a meal you might notice a light ring forming at the very center of your lips which is not appealing in my experience. So, the lasting power of this lipstick is for me as long as you don't eat or drink after application. However, this problem could be specific to this Crepe Coral shade only. The Smudge Me Not Lip Products were a clear winner in that aspect of no transfer and super long lasting matte finish.

Coming to the price point, they are expensive almost equivalent to the L'oreal range of lipsticks which is not a big plus point for me. I mean Sugar Cosmetics started out as great products at affordable prices, a philosophy which seems to have been lost over the past new product launches. I hope they are listening and they go do something about the prices!

Overall, I would prefer smudge me not over these as those have better lasting power. But the soft, comfortable, powdery feel of these lip products is a big plus. So if you are looking for comfort go for these, but remember that at this price point there are great products already available in the market.

Have you tried the Sugar Suede Secret Matte LipColor? Do let me know your experiences in the comments section below.

See ya...

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