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Skincare Reviews: Kollagen Intensiv

Guest Post by Clair

What is Kollagen Intensiv?

Kollagen Intensiv is a clinically proven anti-aging skin care cream that claims to work with your body’s natural abilities to boost the skin’s renewal process by augmenting the natural production of collagen, and collagen is a vital and essential protein that allows the natural restoration of skin.

How Does Kollagen Intensiv work?

For any product that you contemplate to use, it is pertinent to find out beforehand as to how does it work? Having a clear understanding of how a cream works, you will be able to correctly gauge the efficiency of the cream.

So, let’s find out how does Kollagen Intensiv work?

This particular age-defying cream works beneath your skin’s surface, right at the cellular level. Therefore, when you apply the cream on your skin, the cream’s active ingredients begin the process of replenishing the cells, in addition to triggering the repair mechanisms that aid in stimulating the production of collagen levels. And, of course, with an increase in collagen levels, the skin becomes smoother and firmer.
The good news is, researchers have taken each of the ingredients separately for testing purposes, which means each of the ingredients of this cream are tested and studied independently. After a careful examination of these ingredients, researchers have concluded and ensured that that each of the ingredients used in formulating this cream are able to reach the skin at a cellular level in order to accelerate the production of collagen. Furthermore, all the ingredients when mixed together, do help in keeping premature signs of aging at bay.

What are the key benefits of Kollagen Intensiv Cream?

Any potential user of the cream would want to know the benefits of using Kollagen Intensiv cream. Below mentioned are the key benefits of Kollagen Intensiv derived from ingredients that work together in the formulation of this cream:
a. Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
b. Reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone
c. Reduces dark circles and crow’s feet
d. Promotes radiant skin
e. Fights loss of elasticity

f. Helps in fighting dry skin
g. Protects from UV damage
The point is, nobody in this world can avoid aging of the skin, which is why we do need an anti-aging cream sooner or later; however, we can always slow down the process of aging, and Kollagen Intensiv due to its numerous proven benefits seems like a good choice.

What are the Ingredients of Kollagen Intensiv? Do these ingredients work?

The skin care market is inundated with plenty of anti-aging products, then what is so unique about Kollagen Intensiv? What really sets apart Kollagen Intensiv from other anti-aging creams? The answer lies in its ingredients.
Read further to know what these ingredients are.
1.     SYN-COLL:
SYN-COLL is a patented peptide and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 354% and improve the skin’s texture by 201%. SYN-COLL is a safe and non-viscous liquid that is water soluble known to be effective and safe in stimulating collagen synthesis. It also helps to repair skin that is damaged due to harmful UV rays. Moreover, it also contains excellent moisturizing and skin firming properties. Thanks to this peptide that sets apart Kollagen Intensiv from other anti-aging creams.
2. Shea Butter:
Shea butter aids in safeguarding skin and pores and also helps in softening the affected skin. Shea butter is well known to safeguard skin from severe sunlight and extreme weather as it contains an element that act as a heat screening solution.
3. Green tea leaf extract:
Perhaps this particular ingredient shouldn’t be surprising. It is no news that green tea extracts contain powerful antioxidants that help in keeping the skin nourished in addition to keeping skin problems at bay.
4. Cucumber fruit extract:
Contains anti-inflammatory properties and constitutes organic chemicals helpful to the skin.
5. Oat Kernel extract: Aids in calming inflamed skin
6. Vitamin C:
An essential vitamin known to combat free radicals. Besides, it also plays a pivotal role in generating new collagen and keeping the skin healthy and younger-looking.
7. Retinol:
Retinol along with Vitamin A helps in reversing signs of aging along with protecting the skin from further damage, and, most importantly, it also helps in increasing elasticity and skin firmness.

Pros of Collagen Intensive Cream:

·         Is a good moisturizer
·          Gives the skin a radiant look
·         Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
·         Stimulates natural production of collagen
·         Repairs skin damaged from sun rays
·         The cream offers a 90-day free trial and a one-night free shipment policy

Cons of Kollagen Intensive Cream:

·         The results may vary from person to person.
·         It may take some time before you actually see any positive results

Does it have any side-effects?

Like with any skin care product, it is imperative for the users to know if there are any side-effects associated with the application of the Kollagen Intensiv cream. Thankfully, since Kollagen Intensiv cream contains only natural and clinically proven ingredients, the cream is safe to use. So far the cream has had no side-effects or adverse reactions to the skin and health of its users.

Upon examination and a careful analysis of the cream, it is safe to conclude that Kollagen Intensiv is indeed an effective age-defying cream as claimed by its manufacturer. Due to its natural and highly effective ingredients, the cream does a fabulous job in reducing aging process and in boosting moisturizing factors.
Another aspect to the cream that actually makes the cream look more credible is its money-back guarantee policy. You can return the cream for a refund, if you are unhappy with the results. The only thing perhaps that can be termed as negative for the cream is its smell, but it shouldn’t be a big problem considering the cream’s infinite benefits.

Finally, and most importantly, it is strongly advisable to buy the cream from its official website only just in case if you want to be double sure of its quality.

About the Author:

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