Thursday, September 22, 2016

Current Love: Khadi Milk and Saffron Hand Cream

Hello beauties,

My hands and feet are first to notice the season turning dry, me being so engrossed in my daily schedule that I am oblivious to any such changes. But my hands make me sit up and take notice of the season and in fact advise me to be prepared.

Price: INR 140 for 50 gms of the product

Claims: Khadi Natural™ Hand Cream Milk & Saffron - With Sheabutter softens dry rough cuticles with moisturizers. Controls hand nails for a clean, neat cuticle line. Helps prevent chipping, splitting and dry rough nails. Imparts softness to nails and adds luster.

Packaging: The usual neat packaging with a transparent plastic tub and black lid. The product is covered with a flimsy aluminum foil which was a bit difficult to remove as is evident from the pictures above. The jar however, is sturdy and doesn’t leak the product during travel/high temperature conditions.

Ingredient list: A very impressive list indeed!


The first thing you would notice and fall in love with is the absolute gorgeous fragrance of the product. It smells heavenly of saffron and makes you dive into the world of luxury so gently and subtly. Next, the texture of the product, it has a gel like creamy texture, not at all the greasy types, if you get the drift. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a very noticeable film on your hands even though it makes them really, really soft. The product does last on my hands, at least till I go ahead and wash them or use a sanitizer, which I must admit that I do almost every half an hour. But, I don’t mind reapplying this gorgeousness on my hands. And it may sound weird but I keep sniffing my hands every once in a while when I have this on, much to the annoyance of my coworkers. Yes, the smell does linger on, which is just so awesome.

Since I have normal to dry skin during winters, it works for me but if you have very dry hands, then you might need something which is a little more moisturizing. However, for me this is an all season product, since I am indoors and in an air-conditioned environment throughout the day. With the all natural and impressive ingredient list, I would highly recommend this to each and every one of you. Go ahead and grab it!

Have you used Khadi Milk and Saffron Cream? Do share in your experiences below.

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