Thursday, October 15, 2015

DIY: Hair Fall Control Oil

Hello beauties,

I am soooooooooooooo excited today, to share my first ever DIY with you, oh yeah......

OK, let's just cam down this hysteria, before I start typing in some real information here (takes a deep breath..........)

As I have shared with you in a previous post (read here) about my hair problems and how I am trying to get my hair back from hell to my hair heaven, I would just like to thank the millions of people out there who share their experiences, tips, suggestions for everyone and anyone to read and benefit from.

So, let's move on to my first ever DIY, my hair fall control oil (testing in progress to check for hair regrowth effects...)

My hair was in a really bad shape and I had totally stopped oiling it for the fear of greasiness and was washing my mane almost everyday to keep the oil off my hair, this led to excessive thinning of m hair along with excessive hair loss.

So, I gathered my senses together and decided to go the age old wisdom of oiling my hair. The question was which hair oil? When I was young mom used Keo Karpin on my hair, which I didn't want to use now and was reading, surfing the Internet for more natural hair oils. Lots of suggestions available, olive oil, Castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil... Almost all the oils I had heard of (unheard of) were helping people to save the (oh so precious) mane.

I started off with store bought (Forest Essentials) Brahmi oil (one of the more popular ones) to take care of my hair (read here). The oil was good, but I was looking for something more...

Then one fine day, I read about Castor oil and wanted to try it, ordered a big bottle of Castor oil online (Soulflower), but was stumped to find it too sticky/thick (this was because I have been blessed with silky straight hair, sighs again...).

A lightening thought struck my mind while I was browsing online for popular Bhringraj Oil compositions, some had a mixture of oils (wonderful!). I was happy and ecstatic to know that I could use more than one oil at a time on my hair.

I got together, three oils, which have changed my life forever, Coconut Oil (Forest Essentials, it is extra virgin and cold pressed both), Almond Oil (Hamdard, most commonly available), Castor Oil (Soulflower, also cold pressed). I got these three oils and mixed them in equal quantities (30 ml each) and have stored the oil in bottles away from heat and light.

I apply this oil, the night before I decide to wash my hair and believe me you, there is minimal hair fall (5 - 10 hairs only) the next day, after shampoo and combing (in total). I was awestruck the first time I saw the result, but then I continued for a month and stopped to check, if the hair oil was the one responsible?

For the first two washes without the oil, hair fall was normal, but with the third wash, the situation started aggravating and worsening, and I was scared enough never to let go of my precious oil ever again.

The oil works as a wonderful hair mask as well. Just apply the oil from root to tips of your hair one hour before washing and you will have the softest and most manageable tresses in a long, long time...

As far as the hair regrowth is concerned, I am still evaluating my scalp for any visible results, and will share the details as soon as I am sure off.

What's your hair oil/oiling routine? Looking forward to your comments below.

See ya...

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