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My Hair Story: From Heaven to Hell and (Aspiring to be) Back Again !

Hello beauties,

How much importance do you associate to your hair and its health? I guess lots... "cause every women I have met is obsessed with her crowning glory.

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So as a beauty blogger and a person obsessed with makeup and fashion, everyone expects (and rightly so...) that I would have a really nice crown of hair on my head. But everyone was proved wrong when they met me and saw me in person.

This is how my hair looked a few months back:

Now that feat (shown above) was possible only because of the utter disregard of the advise doled out by my elders (read mom and nani) time and again (the rebellious teen in me just wanted to break free). My hair care / glory lost all its sheen since the day I decided to take care of it, MY WAY. Read on to know more about the roller-coaster journey my hair has been through.

Now, I have been blessed naturally fine, straight, silky smooth, and thin hair genetically which lies flat and doesn't hold any hairstyle for more than 30 minutes.

When I was in school (ages ago) my mum used to maintain my hair, she used to oil it daily and wash it once a week, and I had thick hair (read lots of hair) and obviously my hair was the talk of the town school. I mean literally, girls used to come and ask me which oil I used, what was my hair care routine... Back then I didn't realize the hard work my mom put in to maintain my hair, 'cause I thought that they were like that naturally. I had waist length hair, which was silky and shiny, like the ones they show in hair products advertisements.

"How did you manage to loose all your hair then?" you would ask. Well to summarize the story, once I was out of school, I didn't follow any of my mum’s / nani's advice on hair care, as I was a GROWN UP! I washed my hair daily, blow dried it, got it cut into various lengths, stopped oiling... and basically did everything, which was harmful for my hair. All that rash behavior along with some natural causes, such as, chicken pox, lice etc. led to even more hair fall. I didn't realize the torture my hair was being subjected to (that to by me) and went ahead with perming (three years into my marriage). The usage of harsh chemicals on my fine and thin hair got them all burned and brittle :( (NEVER getting my hair permed again).

This was followed by pregnancy and the hormonal changes led to even more hair loss and I was left with very few fine and fragile hair. To add to my hair woes, there were grey hairs as well. Then one fine day, when I couldn't bear to look at my hair in the mirror, I went ahead and got my hair cut into layers. Initially they looked good, I got some volume on the crown of my head but in reality I had practically no hair left on my scalp.

Then began the era of using hair shampoos, conditioners, mousse, serums etc. promising loads of volume for your hair with little help. And then came the final stage (when you know that nothing else is working) Daily Hair Wash.

Then recently, sometime in December, I made a resolution for 2015, to get my hair out of this MESS. I started reading online about the causes of hair fall, how there are medications, how people claim the use of miracle shampoos and oils, which reduce hair fall.

There was so much information, that initially I was confused, but then being trained as a researcher, I sorted and sifted through the immense piles of data, to obtain relevant information and use it in a customized fashion to care, protect, nourish, and strengthen my hair naturally.

So, I went ahead armed wit lots of information and devised a personalized regime for my fine, thin, and limp hair with all the requisite elements, a nice cleanser / shampoo, a hair color, a DIY hair oil, a hair brushing ritual, a nice volumizing mousse, a hair serum, and a nice hair comb and a brush.

So, today approximately 5 months after following my new hair care routine and rituals, I have managed to reduce my hair fall drastically and my hair look and feel (at least to my eyes, hubby's eyes... no such improvement). But I am happy to notice some new hair growth along my hairline as well and hopefully by the year end will have a mane which is full of healthy, shiny and well-cared for hair.

Here is a recent pic of mine (approximately 1 month old):

What is your hair story? Do share with me below.


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