Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forest Essentials Brahmi Hair Oil Review

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Hope all of you are doing fine.  Saw the Zee cine awards Sunday night. Though it had may enticing acts and performances, I felt kind of overwhelmed by the thought that why are there so many film awards now? Frankly speaking, these awards don’t interest me as much as they used to when I was a kid. The main reason I would think is that there are so many of these awards on TV these days, that I just loose focus. Earlier there was just Filmfare and we used to cherish watching the annual event every year. Second, would be the advertisements, which make me loose focus of what was happening before the break came. So, now I am mostly pretending to be watching the show while the mind goes away in some other direction. Best is my hubby who works on the laptop while watching the awards (Weird right!!!)
Ok enough bantering for now. Today, I will be discussing about another favorite product from the blisscovered January box 2012. It is the Forest Essential Brahmi Hair Oil. Though, I found it to be least interesting when I opened my box, it has slowly found crawled into my heart.  So, after using it diligently for past two weeks I am ready to share the review with you people today.

Price: INR 675 for 200 ml of the product. I got a 50 ml bottle in my blisscovered box (shown here). The packaging of the product is quiet nice, classy, and functional. Comes in a see through plastic bottle with a cap.

The oil is green in colour with a distinctive but mild fragrance. At first I could not pin-point it but then I got it. It is very mild like purest pure coconut oil, which is one of the important ingredients of this oil.

Ingredient list:


My experience with this oil has been very good. The hair oil is very light but at the same time nourishing and hydrating for my hair. With regular usage for the past two weeks, I have noticed that my hair growth has improved and hair fall has reduced!!!  I am no longer shying away from hair oiling sessions, as earlier oiling sessions used to result in lot of hair fall after hair wash. This oil has changed all that. Also, I have noticed that my hair are shinier and full of life than before.  Now, I am oiling my hair before every wash that is alternate day of the week.

Product rating: A. Would highly recommend this hair oil to everyone. Available at all Forest Essentials store and online (via Forest Essentials and blisscovered website).

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  1. ya me too discovered that VCO is the best for ur hair..

    1. Hi anonymous, usually CO doesn't suit my hair, but this combination of VCO with brahmi has had really good effects on my hair.

  2. finally... thanku so much for this post didi... i was goin thru all the review blogs so dat i cud b able to find one gud hair oil... i hav tried many but so far no use. and i love using herbal ones.. will try dis out now..:)

    1. you are welcome paru, n welcome to mumma's world :)

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