Saturday, March 16, 2013

Benefit Porefessional Swatch, Review

Hello Girls,

Hope you like the new look of Mumma's Beauty World. everything else remains the same though from the email address and the website links. So, today I will be reviewing this awesome product which was a part of my January box, actually, just had three small samples, but they got me raving about this product so much :)

From the title itself, you would have guessed Benefit Porefessional, one of the most raved about makeup primers in the whole world with a huge cult following. I have actually wanted to test small samples, before buying it to know what is the whole hullabo about. And to be frank, I am one of the members of it's cult now!!
Price: INR 2900 for 30 ml of the product, which is insanely high according to me. I haven't bought the full size though I am planning to do so in the near future.

The sample size:

So, swatching time now, on my hand see how many lines are there near my wrist:

See the pic below, the lines have been minimized and luks like I hav better and even skin:

I actually luv this product a lot, apart from the price factor, but as they say there are no free lunches in the world. The primer smoothes my skin, makes my pores look smaller and allows the makeup to glide smoothly and stay on for longer durations of time. Another downside is that the product includes silicones, so might break out some of us.

The best effect I saw was on my eye area, I always had difficulty in smoothing out the MAC paint pots or other primer for that matter, but this one solved the problem so quickly, the painterly paint pot just spread out so awesomely on my lids and the eye makeup was intact for more that 12 hours that day. Even my foundation and blush glided on my skin and stayed put without any greasiness for the whole day, i.e. more that 10 hours.

The sample size shown above was enough to cover my entire face, so I guess you would require very small amounts of the product, which would render it not an expensive buy after all.

Product rating: A-, available at Sephora, Delhi and online via, would recommend this who would like to see their skin magically transformed and have makeup glide on perfectly and smoothly over their face. Personally, would love buying it but may postpone it for now :)

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  1. it sure does work but then the price factor is too much :(

    1. yeah the price is too much for one time buy but the amount of product required is pretty less and it would last for a long time :)

  2. I am a crazy fan of benefit and this one is one of my favs and part of my party make up essential! just works wonder on my skin :)!...

    1. hey vandana, me too loved it probably will ask hubby to buuy this as B'day gift for me :)


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