Monday, March 18, 2013

Aroma Magic GrapeFruit Face Wash Review

Hello Girls,

As the countdown begins for holi at home with the guests pouring in and some mithai making (especially the lovely gujiyas, which I so much love) and the spring fever which is in the air, I am now feel awake after the gloomy wintery days are over. So, let's begin this week on a fresh note with a new review on Aroma Magic GrapeFruit Face Wash. New packaging and two new facewash exotic sounding facewashes from the stables of Aroma Magic. I have always loved the products from this brand, so when I received this face wash as a gift I was overjoyed to see the exotic packaging and a new face wash from them.

Price: INR 125 for 100 ml of the product (I received this as a gift). Packaging is pretty standard flip top packaging. I love the fact that Aroma Magic has introduced this excellent transparent packaging unlike their earlier avatars where you wouldn't guess when the product is about to finish and keep backups ready just in case you find out one fine day, that the product is not coming out for use.
My major grouse with this product is with the packaging itself. These tubes are designed to be placed on their flip tops i.e. upside down. This product has a major challenge n this regard. A lot of product is wasted when I keep it like that as there is some leakage of the product in the cap and then outside the cap. so everytime I open it there is a lot of product collected in the cap itself, so I don't have to squeeze any but a lot of the product is also present on the counter top, which is wasted.




Apart from the packaging about which I have discussed on top, the face wash is quiet good. It doesn't dry my skin, has a soothing fragrance, nothing over the top or lingering ones, foams very decently, cleanses away all the impurities and grime from my face, adds a tinge of freshness to my skin when I wash it at the end of the day, and hasn't broken me out even once.

Phew, that was a long list, but overall for the price it is a decent everyday use face wash, nothing very fancy but pretty basic and effective, with a soothing and mild fragrance  Al I am hoping for is that the tube I got has some packaging issues and other face washes wouldn't be the same and would work as efficiently as the product itself.

Product rating: B, available at most online stores, grocery stores, and chemist shops. Personally would love to try the other variant as well, which I think is neem face wash. Totally recommended to one and all looking for a decent daily face wash.

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  1. it seems nice, keeping this in my buying list :)

  2. check the packaging before buying though, lol :)


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