Thursday, November 29, 2012

AromaMagic Beauty Pack Review

Hello Girls,

How are you doing today, the sudden weather change has prompted my skin to behave all funny. It went all dry and patchy on one hand along with a lot of breakouts. So, I went looking for a good face pack, which could take care of my skin. While browsing online I came across this face pack, which included AHA's in the ingredient list.

Price: INR 270 for 50 gm of the product, which is packaged in a round tub with lid. Initially, I was thinking that the product is a powder, but thankfully it is a ready to use pack, but due to the packaging, I have to dip my fingers in the tub everytime I use it.

An aluminium foil seal is present to prevent foil leakage, which has to be removed before the product is to be used.

The product consistency as you can see from swatch above is neither too flowy nor too stiff. In fact it is somewhere like that of yogurt. The pack doesn't dry on me once applied even for 15 minutes, after which I remove the pack using wet wipes and loads of water. The pack only goes a little thicker in consistency.
After using the pack regularly for more than a month now, I can say that it definitely brightens up my skin and the breakouts have also reduced. My skin feels cleaner and brighter with a more even skin tone. I really like what this face pack has done for my skin. Though I feel that the quantity could be increased for the price at which it retails for.

Product rating: A-, available at most online shopping sites and supermarkets. I would recommend it all of you looking for a good face pack. Personally I would look for a new face pack after this as always.
Take care...


  1. this is just an awesome pack... packs in tub packaging have their own disadvantages but you can try using a face pack brush so as to avoid dipping your fingers :)

    1. yeah me too liking it, thanks for the awesome suggestion dear :)

  2. Brightens up skin? That's really good. Thanks for the review Kumkum :)

  3. sounds too good ! i wanna try this.. btw by regularly do you mean everyday Kumkum??

    1. yeah it's quiet good, regularly is like once a week :)


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