Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Vellvette Box Review

Hello Girls,

I have received my second Vellvette box as well for this month. I have already reviewed the October one (read HERE). Read on to know about my experience ...

The box which remind me of UrbanTouch boxes:

This is what I received:

Descriptive cards:

An introductory note:

Discount coupons:

Coming straight to the point, I am not liking this box at all, as much as I would like to for a couple of reasons. My first complain is that NYX is not a luxury brand. Secondly, they are sending me a serum and after bath oil/lotion for a second time in the row. And this is after I have already purchased a full-sized EA serum from them.
This is a bad business strategy from my point of view, since I have already purchased a serum, I won't be purchasing it again for next two months, so how can they expect me to keep purchasing serums month after month?
I guess they have to keep track of what they send in the boxes each month :), hope they are listening :)

Take care...


  1. hmmm... sad it dint turn out as expected!!...

    1. yeah, I was so sad to see the same category of products, no complains with the brands though :), love your DP Supriya :)

  2. They've given NYX in almost each box this year...just different colours!

  3. I like what u got but sad it did not turned good for u....ya they should keep the track of products they send each month..:)

    1. even i would have had no complaints had they varied the products a lil bit :(


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