Monday, September 3, 2012

VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash Review

Hey Girlies,
How was your weekend? Mine was  super hectic and super fun, feels like I was on a vacation for a whole week, considering the number of tasks I completed over the weekend. But, with children around all the problems seem to vanish in a moment and each activity is so much more fun, be it getting groceries, random repair work at home,  or going out for a dinner.

Okies, so back to this awesome product, which I am reviewing today, it’s VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash, pretty recent purchase.

Price: INR 125 for 100 ml of the product (I got this at a discounted price of INR 112). Packaging is the old school packaging associated with VLCC (now they have changed most of the packaging, but few products are still sold like the earlier ones). The face wash is packaged in a flip top bottle, which is opaque totally so you won’t know when it’s time to buy a new face wash. The flip top I find quiet sturdy to open and would probably survive the travel stress.

Ingredient list:


My experience: I am totally loving this face wash, right from the ingredients to the fragrance and to the lathering properties. To begin with it’s a honey-colored face wash, the smell is pleasant and not at all fake or string, mildly refreshing. Next, a little amount of the product is required as the product lathers very well, the lather is soft and gentle. Cleansing with the face wash removes the dirt and impurities only as my skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy or itchy at all. Even though the face wash is not drying, it has not broken me out either, so I guess it must be cleansing my skin as well (though I am so used to feel stretchy skin after washing my face that it doesn’t feel as if the face wash is working). I also don’t feel the need to apply moisturizer right after washing my face. Overall, a wonderful face wash, which is going to be my staple product for a long, long time.

Product rating: A, available at all VLCC stores and online beauty shopping websites, would recommend this to everyone during the winter months, summer months, and these humid months. Personally, I am gonna be buying this again and again and yet again.

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  1. the price is quite decent for 100ml of the product... i used it some time back and loved it :)


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