Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Estee Lauder Magnascopic Maximum Volume Mascara Review

Hey Girls,

Hope you are all having a good time :). The product I am reviewing today, also has a cult following in the makeup world and I bought it just to experience what the hype is all about? So, let's begin the review of the Estee Lauder Magnascopic Maximum Volume Mascara.

Price: SGD 30 (approx. INR 1500) for 9 ml of the product. Packaging is super classy, I love the way EL has been embossed on the cap of the mascara and I love the navy blue colored bottle, which is so cute and fits very nicely in my palm.

The wand:

Ingredient list:

I am totally adoring this mascara. You will see from my pics below that I have virtually non-existent lashes. This mascara actually volumizes and thickens them up without any clumping. I simply love the formula of this mascara as it doesn't feel heavy on my lashes at all, which happens with most mascaras. Next thing the formula is really very good, it dries up fast and stays fresh the whole day, no drying or clumping, which is big plus for me. I also love the way it separates my lashes and coats them, they look so dense and so pretty. Coming to the excellent wand, it picked up enough product in one go, which helped me coat both of my lashes uniformly, I didn't need to dip the wand again in the bottle. The wand bristles are spaced apart by quiet a bit, I am used to denser wand brushes, and didn't think that the mascara would coat my lashes evenly, but lo and behold, it did just that and more. Check out my lashes before and after using the mascara to see the difference!!!

My actual lashes:

After using two coats of EL Magnascopic mascara (only on the upper eyelashes):

Since Estee Lauder Magnascopic Maximum Volume is a volumising mascara, it is expected to volumize lashes and not lengthen it, so those looking for lengthening ones should refrain from buying this. EL has other wonderful mascaras for the lengthening purpose.

Product rating: A+, available at EL stores worldwide. Would definitely recommend this if you are always looking for a volumizing mascara like me. Personally would keep buying it again and again.

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  1. I think my lashes are decently long so I don't need longer ones. I love the way this looks on you, Kumkum. I have mascaras now but when they get over will definitely keep this one in mind.
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