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Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar Review

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Claims about Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar:
Enriched with the goodness of Kesar, Chandan & Orange Peel, this specialized Facial Soap deep cleanses your skin and removes pimples & pigmentation marks. The Fruit Actives impart glow & keep your facial skin healthy & lustrous.
Sandal Oil (Chandan) – For soft supple skin. Cools the skin & prevents pimples & rashes.
Saffron – Improves skin complexion, clears dark patches & imparts glow to skin.
Orange Peel – Rich source of Vitamin C, and powerful antioxidant. Imparts glow to the skin & reduces under eye circles.

My experience with Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar:
I love Vaadi Herbals products. I find some ladies mentioning this brand as a cheap scrap. Is it ignored just because the brand is giving products in very cheap rate? Just cannot guess why these nice products are simply ignored. Though Vaadi Herbal products are not excellent, they are at least average products. For the price they are available at they are really worth trying.
The product of review now is Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar. The brand claims that the facial bar is made of all good herbals ingredients. I have no ideas how long this stands good. But the bar is good. Smells nice of sandalwood extracts. I liked the way they have named the product. Actually it behaves like soap; they have named it as a facial bar, nice.
It foams well and cleans all the dirt from my face. It does not dry out my skin. It does not moisturize the skin too. It just gives a fresh feel to the skin. What more do you expect when you clean your face using foam!

The bar is so tiny that if you have an air tight container, you can put it in the container and carry along with you where ever you go. It is semitransparent bar with great orange color. For me it looks like a halwa... J.
Give these facial bars a try. There are some more variants available.

Price: Rs.30

Rate: B

Pros of Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar:
-        Great smell.
-        Foams well
-        Nice attractive color
-        Herbal ingredients
-        Gives a fresh look to the skin
-        Removes off dirt neatly.
-        Semitransparent bar.
-        Very cheaply priced.

Cons of Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar:
-        So far I have found these only online.

Will I repurchase Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar?
Yes. In other flavours.

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  1. Nice review, Kumkum.. I have used it .. nice product.:)


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