Friday, August 17, 2012

Inglot Eyeshadow and Lip Brush Review

Hi Girls,

This week is turning out to be a makeup brushes review week. After the MAC foundation brush, I am reviewing two more makeup brushes I have, these are from Inglot and are an eyeshadow brush and a lip brush.

Let's take a look at the 16PP eyeshadow brush from Inglot

Price: INR 680 for the brush. Packaging of these brushes is surely something to write about, they are vacuum packed in a plastic see through film case (not something like the way MAC packages its brushes).

A closer look at the bristles:

The brush has a wooden handle and pami + pony hair.

This brush is enough to do your complete eye makeup, it works as an excellent blending brush and the bristles are extremely dense and soft so they pick up the eyeshadows effortlessly. Even blending the shadow in my crease has never been easier, just two or three swipes and I am set. Also, helps set my lower lash line. A very good eyeshadow brush if you are looking for one.

Coming up is the lip brush 12S, compared to the earlier one this is heavier as it has a metallic body (wood + brass in nickel color), but gives excellent control while lining and filling the lips.

Price: INR 880 for a single brush. The brush has sable hair, which are extremely soft and dense and make lipstick as well as lip paint application a breeze.

A closer look:

Both of these brushes have been through many washing and have not shed even a single hair so far, the texture of the bristles has also remained same and they work just as fine as ever. Loving them both.

Product rating: A+, available at all Inglot stores and online through shopatmajorbrands. Would recommend these Inglot brushes to all of you looking for professional quality brushes which are also a little cheaper than the MAC brushes. Personally I love them and would buy them again in case they break or suffer from fall outs.

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  1. They are decently priced too !! I am planning visit to Inglot to buy YSM foundation & Concealer... Will check them this time .. Nice review BTW

  2. Nice one.. i have got a lipstick and eyeshadow refills recently :)

    1. do get these brushes, they are pretty good qulity ones :)


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