Monday, July 30, 2012

Sure Women Deodorant Review

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Hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was of course refreshing and fun :), except for the power cut since 2:30 am last night. Hope all of you have electricity by now and are doing fine. My weekends go away in a jiffy, as I click pics mostly during the weekends and this weekend I also did some grocery shopping and relaxed at home mostly. Tried doing some step-by-step tutorials as well, more on that later.

today I am reviewing a deodorant from SURE, got this after seeing a zillion ads and a few good recommendations from my friends. Let us see how it fared for me.

Price: INR 65 for 40 ml of the product. Packaging is all plastic with a tube fashioned to be stored upside down, i.e. the roller tip is kept downwards, the cap on mine went loose after a week or so and just keeps falling off on its own whenever I invert it, so storing it has become a big problem with me.

Ingredient list:

The roller tip:

To begin with I would say that it is not one of the best deos I have used so far. The 24-hr claim is absolutely false for me though I would say that it does it's job pretty decently for 12-hrs. Also, the fragrance is not something which I like particularly, it's a mixture of something chemical and flowery to my nose. Though the deodorant is non-staining and dries pretty quickly without leaving a layer on your skin. So, if you have no problems reapplying your deo twice a day then this is a good product for you.

Product rating: B+, available at all chemist stores, general stores, and online shopping sites. Would recommend this to all looking for a value for money deo and those who have no qualms about reapplication. Personally, I wouldn't be buying this again as I hate applying deos again and again.

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  1. I have tried sure.. the fragrance is good and lasting power claim is definitely not true :(

    1. i so much agree, thinking of throwing this away :((


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