Friday, July 13, 2012

Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash Review

Hi girls,

Am feeling super happy today for a few reasons, the first of them being the awesome weather here after the onset on monsoons in North India. Second is the release of cocktail which I am definitely planning to go and watch over the weekend. And third as always is the arrival of weekend which for me means two day of fun and frolic with family.

Enough blabbering, coming to the product under review today, this product has changed me as a person, was aware about its whereabouts but I fail to garner how I could be oblivion to its existence. The product I am talking about is Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Initimate Wash.

Price: INR 349 for 300 ml of the product (I got this for a discounted price of INR 298). Packaging is just like a regular hand wash a pump system which dispenses the product when pressed from top.



I am totally loving this product, makes me feel so fresh and hygienic. There is absolutely no smell, atleast I could detect none, no artificial colors (you can see from the swatch that it is colorless). Also, the wash is quiet fluid and lathers up easily and gently. Two pumps are enough for thorough cleansing. As far as any adverse reactions, there were none, it suited me to the ‘T’.  Also, you feel totally comfortable and hygienic after using this. In fact, it makes the tough ‘Period’ days a breeze now. It really helps you in staying fresh without the artificial fragrances and to top it all it has ‘gynecological’ approval. Usage is pretty simple just pump out the product and use it as a body wash. Oriflame has a two more variants as well, so you can any of them as per your liking, all of them are tested by a gynae.

Product rating: A+, available via Oriflame consultants, would recommend this to every girl out there, a must have and beauty is not just about makeup, it is also about maintaining hygiene and taking care of yourself. Personally, I would keep buying this forever.

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  1. "gynecological" approval for a body wash is so cool... nd u r right that we need to maintain hygiene and take care of ourself also other than indulging in makeup only... a good product kumkum... :)

  2. Its a must need product :) I own one too! :) Your review will surely make many people aware :)
    Namita <3

  3. Even I had heard about intimate washes..but seriously had no clue of this one..a well-needed review..Will get this :)

    1. do get this darling, it's an awesome product :)

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