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Lakme Star Shine Lip Gloss in 24 Review

GiveAway Entry #1 by Chand 
Shade: Number 24

My experience with Lakme Star Shine Lip Gloss:
Lakme Star Shine Lip Glosses are not named. Only numbered. Weird way of identifying the shade of the product.

The packaging is a usual tube with a brush applicator for applying the gloss on the lips. The tube is a square in shape and is see through kind. The cap is eye catching since it is steel in color. The applicator has stout clumped bristles like the one in the nail polish bottle. Applies the gloss nicely on the lips without creating any mess.

The texture of the gloss is a little thick than really required, and thus gives slight stickiness to the lips. I get a feel of heavy lips as long as the gloss is there. I keep getting the idea to wash it off and spend the rest of the day with bare lips. There are loads of shimmers, that too golden-silver-multicolored shimmers. It is just like one disco ball. Shimmer lovers will have a great time with this product.
Though the consistency of the gloss is a little thick, the staying power is not too great. It stays for about 3 hours or so and dries off from the lips making the lips too very dry.

For the quality Lakme is providing, the price of Lakme Star Shine Lip Gloss is really high.
The only part I like about this gloss is the shade, 24. I love the pink color it imparts with just one swipe. I have to get my hands on the shade numbered 25 now. 25 is even more attractive than 24.
Rating: B
Pros of Lakme Star Shine Lip Gloss:
-          Easy handling package
-          Good quality brush
-          Good shade selection from the range.
-          Real color comes in just one swipe.
Cons of Lakme Star Shine Lip Gloss:
-          A little thick and sticky (many are ok with this kind of texture, but I am not comfortable)
-          Lots of shimmers (this too is loved by many.)
-          Poor staying power.
-          Expensive for the average quality of the product.
Will I repurchase Lakme Star Shine Lip Gloss? For its consistency, I would say a big NO. But I am tempted to buy shade number 25.

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Chand is a working mother of an active 10 month old daughter with a passion for blogging and loves to share her wonderful experiences with one and all.


  1. hi chand.. nice review.. :) this can be given a miss.. what is the price though?

  2. oh...i sit 300 now??? I had bought this some time back... But I had not paid Rs.300... I had paid Rs.270. Sorry I missed to include in the post...


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