Friday, June 29, 2012

Imperial Leather Hawaiian Spa Shower Cream Review

Hey Girls,

The weekend is here, and as all of you can judge from my Sale Alert posts, am going to shop, shop and shop some more :). Won't bore you with more details. Wait for my next haul post, it's been a while I have stopped posting my hauls, will do one shortly.

Today's review is on another bath product, a shower cream / gel from Imperial Leather. My parents used Imperial Leather soap when I was a kid and when I saw this I immediately bought it as it refreshed my childhood memories.

Price: INR 120 for 250 ml of the product ( I got this on a discounted price of INR 114). Packaging is quiet sturdy with the product placed in a see through plastic bottle having a flip top.

Ingredient list:


Firstly, this shower cream is not for the ones with sensitive noses. The fragrance is quiet strong, period. Though it doesn't make me sneeze it might make people sensitive to smells, sneeze. Also, the fragrance is strongly flowery, nothing spa like. The fragrance lingers on for 2-3 hours after, but not as strongly rather as a toned down version of the original smell. The shower cream on the other hand is quiet good, it lathers very well and moisturises my skin in this hot weather, so I can skip the body lotion. Another thing is that a little quantity is required so it is bound to last me a long time. Overall, a decent shower gel/ cream for the price paid, if you are not avert to strong smells.

Product rating: B+, available at drugstores, shopping websites and grocery stores. Personally I would love to try out other shower creams from Imperial Leather as well. Would recommend it to those looking for decent shower gels at competitive prices.

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  1. we too use imperial leathers soaps... :) brings back childhood memories... wl buy this one once i finish my current body wash...
    me too wud go for some lil shopping.. though not a haul.. waiting to c ur haul pics soon...

  2. ay we used same soap in our childhood he he :), will share the haul next week :)


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