Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aloe Veda Green Apple Bathing Bar Review

Hi People,

It's been a while since I have been busy, and while browsing through my old posts, I realised that Mumma's World is gonna be one soon, 28th September to be exact. That was when I wrote my first post and even though didn't write anything for the next two months, I would consider the same as the birthday of my blog.
To cut a long story short, since September is approaching and the first birthday is always special, I have decided to host a series of giveaways for all my readers who have supported me and taught me so many things in their own special way. So girls, stay tuned for some exciting giveaways starting next week.

Coming to today's review, on one my hauls I received this cute little sample free (25 gm) to be precise of Aloe Veda Green Apple Bathing Bar. It was lying in the back of my drawer for a long time and I had totally forgooten about it, until recently when I was cleaning out some stuff and found this cutie. So, I decided to use this ASAP and share my review with you guys.

Price: It retails at INR 65 for 100 gm of the product. I got this sample free. Packaging is very basic with the soap wrapped in clear plastic film.

Ingredient list: not mentioned

As you can see the soap is handmade, and on removing the plastic film a beautiful aroma of green apples overwhelmed me. Nothing too strong but I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance. Until now I have used FabIndia soaps primarily and they don't have such fragrances, so this was a surprise for me.

The bar itself is very clear with no inclusions affirming the purity of the soap. It lathers pretty decently and cleanses the skin effectively. Even though I don't use a body lotion these days (owing to the oppressive heat here), it has not dried my skin or gave me white patches. But I think dry skinned beauties may need to moisturise and the effects on skin in winters is yet to be tested. Overall, a decent product at a decent price.

Product rating: A, available at most online shopping sites. Would love to try all of them, I have my eyes on some amazing fragrances available. Would recommend this to all of you looking for natural products, which are environment friendly.

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  1. wow.. more giveaways... waiting for it...
    aloe veda bars are very good.. i have one of lavender with tea tree oil... this one also seems to be pretty good... nice revu dear

  2. wow.. The bar almost looks like green apply jelly..yummy on my list to buy now..n yay congratz..u must b so proud of the blog..woohoo

    1. thanks Lee, it's all because of you guys :)

  3. more waiting..


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