Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MAC RicePaper EyeShadow Review

First things first, am going to post the nails of the week tomorrow, couldn't upload the pics today. So girlz, meet the nails of the week tomorrow. So sorry for this :(
What comes to your mind, if I ask you to list the five things, which you would always, always keep buying. For me the things are Cinnabon, jewellery, kajal, books, and MAC ricepaper eyeshadow (you know now how materialistic I am, :)).
So, how did the last one make it to this list?? I was on the lookout for a good higlighter since aeons, and read a lot of reviews on highlighters. The only name that propped up for the most number of times was MAC ricepaper, and ta da purchased this on my birthday from MAC.

MAC describes the eye shadow as Peachy Gold with shimmer. It's a frost finish eye shadow.

Price: INR 990 for 1.5 gm of the product. Packaging is standard MAC with a see through lid and a classy black case. Looks pretty chotu and preety cute at the same time :)

Swatch (natural light):

Swatch (artificial light):

I am so much in love with this eyeshadow. It just glides on like a dream, is super smooth and just gives the right amount of highlight required. Blends easily and is a great option for inner corners of your eyes. One can also use it as an overall lid color or for blending out eyeshadows in the crease. Even though it have golden shimmers but they are non-existent as far as blending is concerned. Also, the shimmer is not OTT and I have worn this during day time as well. I have worn this here and here as well. It's a very natural highlight color and would suit most Indian skin tones. I also use it sometimes to highlight the high points of my face, such as, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead, and my cupid's arc. It's one of my must haves from MAC.

Product rating: A+, available at all MAC stores. Would definitely recommend this to everyone, and personally would keep purchasing it forever as it is on my five faves list.

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  1. I really love this one,,it works awesome as an highlighter.. :) :)

    1. yeah namita, me too loving what it does :)

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