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Lakme Lip Love Conditioner Charmer Review

GiveAway Entry by Chand

What Lakme Claims about Lakme Lip Love Conditioner:
The new Lip Love Conditioner for smooth-to-touch lips and a super glossy color. It’s a gel-based lip softener that promises to pamper your pout with color and moisture. Lip Love Conditioner contains Shea butter and Jojoba oil to hydrate your lips while the SPF 12 protects your lips from the sun.

Price: Rs 225
My experience with Lakme Lip Love Conditioner:
Lakme Lip Love Conditioner, if to be defined in one go, fresh churned out butter. It is as soft as butter with mixed shades of coral and pink. It glides very smoothly on lips and gives a soft textured feel to the lips. Gives a great shade to the lips. You will not require any lipstick for color on your lips the day you are wearing Lakme Lip Love Conditioner. It also gives a glossy shine to the lips.

Lakme Lip Love Conditioners come in a see through plastic tub with a dark reddish pink colored screw cap. The container within the tub is in heart shape. Got to be careful when dipping the finger, it enters the nails easily. Such a soft product however cannot be expected in a tube form. It cannot stand heat. Melts off in the tub for the slightest heat. So cannot carry in your bag while travelling. Use it intelligently with the right quantity. Else the product will bleed around your lips.

Pros of Lakme Lip Love Conditioner:
-        Very soft like butter
-        Moisturizes lips very well
-        Contains jojoba oil and shea butter
-        Great coral and pink shades available.
-        Attractive packaging.
Cons of Lakme Lip Love Conditioner:
-        Expensive product from Lakme
-        Bleeds if used more then required
-        Tub packaging, enters nails when fingers are dipped.
-        No name printed on the tub. Only a sticker with the shade name is found along with a plastic tape that is used for sealing the product. When you remove the seal tape, the name also goes off.
Rate: A

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  1. i like this particular shade but won't buy it for the cons .nice review Chand :)

  2. Nice review.. I love the look of it <3

  3. nice review chand... but what help could a lip balm be of if its not travel easy


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