Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Five Favorite Pink Nail Paints and Swatches

Hey Girlz,

I try to sanitize my vanity of old products every month, just to keep track of expired or unused products, so that I can either discard or donate those items. That ways I keep my skin safe and make way for new products as well (my husband thinks it's just an excuse to make him spend more money).

So, as I was going through my vanity yesterday, I found 5 different pink nail paints in my collection, more that what I thought existed. So for the first time I am doing a post which shows 5 pink nail paints I own currently, each of them loved and cared for. Never thought I would have 5 of same shade ever!!

Enjoy the pics below:

Zoya Felicity: Nail paint is baby pink in color with micro silver and purple shimmers (review here)

Colorbar Pro Nail Lacquer 021 is pink with micro silver shimmers (review here)

NYC Greenwich Village is hot pink (my current favorite) (review here)

VOV Nail Paint, a very sheer and shimmery baby pink color, got it for INR 20 from a local cosmetic store, doesn't have a great lasting power, least used nowadays.

New U Dark Pink 04: Just picked it up while roaming there, is quiet dark pink (looking almost red here) and I like the color, costs only INR 35, though the lasting power is not much.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics. What are your favorite nail paints, do share in the comments section below.

Take care...


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