Friday, April 6, 2012

Johnson’s Baby Cream Review

Guest Post by Chand

Claims about Johnson’s Baby Cream:

For chapped cheeks, ‘crawler’s knee’, tender noses and rubbed elbows. Helps protect against irritating wetness and windburn. Contains emollients that help moisturize your baby’s skin and preserve its natural softness.

Apply after bath to the delicate areas of the body and repeat application as often as needed. Good for baby, good for you.

Price: Rs. 58 for 50 g

My experience with Johnson’s Baby Cream:
Johnson’s Baby Cream is one of the silky creams I have ever come across. A pure white product moisturizes very well. The moisturizing capacity of this cream is to such an extent that it suits the skin of an adult too. A perfect cream for chapped dry skin that can be used by consumers of all ages.

Ok. I should be highlighting that it is a baby product. A very good moisturizer for my crawling daughter. Her knees are so well hydrated. As instructed, if the cream is used after bath, it is absorbed into the skin very easily and the moisture is locked in for the entire day.
Johnson’s Baby Cream is a product that comes in a standard white squeeze tube with a twist open cap. I personally like flip cap for tube and bottle of the entire product I use.

Pros of Johnson’s Baby Cream:
-        Very smooth silky cream.
-        Very good moisturizer.
-        Mild smell
-        Easily absorbed on wet skin.
-        Budget purchase
-        Suitable for adults too

Cons of Johnson’s Baby Cream:
-        Flip cap preferred for the tube (personal opinion)

Product Rating: A

Will I repurchase: Yes. I have bought this many times now.

About the Author:

Chand is a working mother of an active 10 month old daughter with a passion for blogging and loves to share her wonderful experiences with one and all.


  1. nice review chand.. some of my friends use this for their dry skin as well.
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  2. Love this one absolutely,whole heartedly ... forever ...

  3. me too love this cream, been using this on my baby the whole of winters :), sure neisha, would love to follow your blog :)


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