Saturday, April 7, 2012

Urbantouch Haul

Hello People,

Today I am sharing a recent and chotu sa haul from Urbantouch, do I hear, oh no not again... (am back there as I required these products urgently). So here is my haul (got two things):

The packaging:

This time, I got two things only:

1. H2O+ dual action makeup cleanser (a biphasic makeup cleanser)
2. Just Herbs Henna

Now, the story behind these two products, since the weather changed here in North, my skin has been showing small eruptions, which are not pimples, but still unwanted. I was looking for reasons, when it suddenly struck me that I am using way too many oily products on my skin. First, my makeup cleanser, the good old Johnson's baby oil, and a night cream, which is on the heavy side considering the weather here. So, I decided to get myself a biphasic makeup remover, and got the one from H2O+.

Next, my hair are greying at an alarming rate, so I wanted to try henna before deciding whether I should color my hair or not, got one from Just Herbs as it had really good ingredient list.

Would be reviewing both these products soon. How is your day coming along?

Take care...


  1. Yes agree with you kumkum.... the weather has changed and I too have made couple of changes in my skincare routine... do review that H2O makeup remover..

  2. you are so into online shopping na Kumkum??? both the stuffs look so them soon :)

    1. yes sukanya, i like the comfort of shopping at home, and also the price comparison, sometimes i don't find all brands together at one place :)

  3. hey I too love shopping from ut :)

    nice haul, i have never tried any product from h2O

    1. UT is my go to site for shopping, H2O products are really good, you must try :)


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