Friday, March 2, 2012

TBS Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub Review

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Do you also love the fragrance of freshly baked cookies and cakes?? If the answer is yes then you must treat your senses to atleast one product from the TBS Spiced Vanilla range. I hauled on Valentines day from TBS and bought the entire bodycare range in this fragrance (shown here) cause it is so warm, comforting, and delicious at the same time that I drift into my childhood.

The product in spot light today is the TBS Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub. Since my TBS strawberry body Polish (shown here) had ended, I was looking for another body scrub. Saw this at 50% discount on TBS and just jumped at the opportunity. Please note that the Spiced Vanilla range is a limited edition range and usually retails during the Christmas holidays.

Price: INR 910 for 200 ml of the product (got this for INR 455)



My experience has been very good with this product till date. Been using this almost everyday, just to jump back in time to my childhood. Apart from the awesome fragrance, the scrub does it’s job nicely. It has granular particles which do the scrubbing ( you can see the black and light orangy particles in the swatch above). The particles are not harsh and don’t irritate your skin. The creamy medium of the scrub moisturizes your body while scrubbing, giving your skin an instant glow once you wash the scrub off. The scrub doesn’t lather much, but cleans and moisturizes your skin effectively.

Though I preferred the tube packaging of the body polish, the smell is making me forgive the tub packaging this time. The tub is quiet huge and would easily last me for 2 months.

Product rating: A. Available at all body shop outlets. Would definitely recommend this to everyone of you, and will be buying this again. Though I love the fragrance, please smell the product before buying as fragrances are a matter of personal choice.

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