Thursday, March 1, 2012

H2O SPA Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter

Hey People,

It’s my birthday month. Am super happy that I can indulge in guilt free shopping all this month. Though I shop through out the year, it is usually guilt laden, so I am looking forward to some guilt free splurging this month.

Today I am reviewing a product from my blisscovered February Box (shown here). The product is H2O SPA Sea Salt hydrating body butter. I have not used many body llotions earlier ‘cause my skin was a bit oily, but these days I have begun to notice a change in my skin towards dryness. So, am exploring this arena but am still a novice.

So, when I got this in my box, I was excited to try on something from H2O. And all my expectations have been rewarded.

Price: 1190 for 240 ml of product ( I have a 30 ml tube of the product)



First of all, I like the tube packaging anyday over the tub packaging. It’s easy to be carried around and used anytime, anywhere. Secondly, the fragrance is phenomenal, though doesn’t last on me for long. Thirdly, I llove the moisture it has been providing to my skin. Lasts all the long, never ever needed to reapply it. Fourthly, though feels a bit heavy in texture, spreads easily on my skin and moisturizes it instantly. That’s it, I think I have got most of the points covered.

Though a bit on the expensive side, I think the full size would last for more than 3 months, so would turn out be economical in the long run.

Product rating: A. Available at all H2O stores, online shopping websites(at upto 20% discount). Would definitely recommend it to everyone and would definitely repurchase it once the sample is over.

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