Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inglot Lip Duo # 26: Awesome Twosome???

Writing with a cute little baby jumping around you trying to type in a few words is quiet like a Mission Impossible. As, I try to type this post with my son trying to snatch away the laptop from me, I realize how tough it is for the MI team?

Now that I call my husband to my rescue, I realize how a team (even if it is two people) is important, necessary, and rescues you from tight spots (always). Just like the lipgloss-lippaint lip duos from INGLOT. Easily stashable into the purse for a night out, party, or even office these lip duo's come in a variety of colours to match your mood and occasion.

I own one of these awesome lip duo's in shade #26 (also shown here and here), where both colours are on the pinkish side.

Price: I got this lip duo for INR 720, sounds like a deal considering that you get two products in one. The products are packaged in two squarish containers joined with a hinge in between and close facing each other, without a separating layer in between.

Below are the swatches of the lip duo.

From left to right: lip paint, lip gloss

The texture of the lip paint and lip gloss is quiet nice, both are non-sticky and give me the awesome look I want on my lips always. Also, I am in love with the color of the lip paint, I wanted to but the lip paint on its own, but since it was out of stack I bought the lip duo. The staying power I would say is decent, lasts on me for 3-4 hours (without meals and drinks), but I love to do touch ups.

The two drawbacks I find with this product is the necessity to carry a lip brush, or q-tips and the packaging may lead to melting and mixing of the two products. In fact some reviews, which I read after getting this mentioned the same problem.

Also, I feel it spreads better with finger tips, so I use a q-tip to take some product and then spread it like a lip balm. Also,

INGLOT lip products are quiet opaque in my opinion and cover any pigmentation on your lips completely even though the colours look pretty sheer or light in the pot or tube (i have tested this with the matte lipsticks, slim gel lipstick, lip paint, and of course lip duo).

And, now for the first time, I am doing lip swatches for the lip duo, hope you guys will like it. First is the lip gloss on its own. The lip gloss have very fine shimmer in it, which is not gritty at all, smooths easily and fades evenly with the gloss.

Next, comes the lip paint, just love the texture and feel of it on my lips, is satiny smooth, no shimmers, and quiet opaque, covers pigmentation on lips quiet easily and gives you glossy lips in no time whatsoever. Lip  swatch below

Last but not the least comes the lip swatch of both the products used together (i.e. layered on top of each other).

Many a times I feel lip swatches give a better idea of the colour than the hand swatches. Hope, the lip swatches helped.

The lip duos are available at all INGLOT stores and also online here

My product rating is B+
Take care...


  1. wow...2 in one..saves space n i just luv the cute cube...lippaint luks gud on u....btw am holding beauty products gieaway...if u r interested plz click on the link..i'd be happy..thank u:)

    1. hey thanks for reading my review, would be entering your lovely giveaway soon


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